Elder Smith

Elder Smith
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

First full week in Phnom Penh! week #46 May 29,2016

This week was tight. The work in the city and in the provinces are pretty different. But its been a good transition.  If we contact people here we park our bikes and just walk and talk to people. its illegal to knock on doors so we just talk to people along the road. Right now we have a golden investigator. His name is Bong Rit. He is 30 years old and fluent in French and English. He is progressing really well and will get baptized in about a month. His family is super worried though about him changing religions. In Khmer they say,  "don't betray your blood." Because Buddhism is such a big part of Khmer culture its a big change for the investigator and for their family. They're not telling him no, they are just kinda worried for him, and this dude Bong Rit has a heart of gold and hates making his mom sad. After he told us all of this we had a really good lesson with him. We kinda changed our lesson and talked about how there are different things he can do in this church that will actually help his family. He then said to us, "Look elders, if I'm going to join the church I'm going to join deep, so i have to make sure this is what i want to do." Please pray for him and his family! I'm super stoked for this guy.

Yesterday we were eating and I had the opportunity to eat the derriere of a chicken this week. It was something that you just gots to smile, chew, swallow and then fight the gag reflex. I did it beautifully I have to admit. I eat some wierd stuff and not gag anymore. It only took almost a year but i have mastered it ha.

funny thing that happened yesterday was that Elder Medley and I walked into church and started talking to the members. Then this lady told me to go wake up this old japanese man who was just sprawled out on one of the pews totally sleeping. Elder Medley and i went up to him and just stared and this man and didnt know how to go about waking him up. We just started laughing trying to find a way to wake up this man. I took this mans hand and woke him up and he just shot his hands straight up and yelled YES! i started laughing hard and he just stared at me. i have no idea why but it was just so funny. i told him he needed to sit up but he wouldn't listen so i just left him there and we had church with a random crazy japanese man asleep on the pew. it was aweosme.  This was the first week of my mission where i didnt have to give a random talk or teach preiesthood or do the sacrament, i was like stressed the whole time wondering what i needed to do but there was nothing.

It was a good week. Shout out to Brandon! Happy 17th brotha! love you man!!

elder smith
Elder Smith and his new companion Elder Medley

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