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Saturday, May 21, 2016

So many great investigators! Week #43 May 2, 2016

Hey sorry i emailed so late today, we did another Angkor Wat trip. It was so sick.

This week was way good. Our investigators are killing it! All 6 of them passed they're baptismal interview. So if all goes well Elder Beacco and I will be having 6 baptisims. Im so pumped. This Sunday is going to be one to remember.

Om Dy, Om Pa and their daughter bong bonna are doing so good. They are the family who are getting baptized. They got some good faith. Also cool story they are HARDCORE royalty. Like Om Pha her father was like the kings brother or cousin or something. Shes considered a princess right now. Whats up we're baptizing a princess this week.

Phy Dy and her siblings are killing it too. Im so excited for them. They come to church every week. Idk why but i havenet written a lot about them. Their dad is our investigator but hes struggling with alcohol and he just got surgery on his eye, but he wants his family to get baptized, so hopefully we will get him soon.

So we have this investigator right now whos way good. Shes an old lady named Om sarin. She rides her bike like an hour and a half to get to her job and struggles paying for her electricity bill (which is like 5 dollars). So we were kinda nervous teaching about Tithing. We asked her if she would commit to obey this law, and she said she couldnt. Elder Beacco and I looked at each other and then we just had the coolest 15 minutes ever. It was just all by the Spirit. One of my fav lessons on the mish thus far. She explained her situation, and we read from the scriptures. After feeling Gods love for her and explaining how this is just a way to help her, she realized how important it was and decided she could just test God out. This old lady is the coolest. The next sunday she brought 2 friends to church. shes killing it right now.

oh hey i got some way good news. when i was in Prae Choo Elder Neuberger and I contacted this family. They were way good. They got baptized last week! I had no idea they were still learning. So awesome.

This week ive been studying a lot in the new testament, this scripture was my favorite Mat 19:29. love you guys

PDay Jungle Walk

legit jungle book kids catching beetles to sell at the market


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