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Elder Smith
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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My comp is a baller! 4/10/16 Week #40

Sam didn't have much time this week to write so here are a few excerpts from our letters:

hey momma
 My new comp is a baller. hes from saint george. he has a really cool past. he is a convert and wanted to get baptized, but his father didnt let him, he had to wait a couple years until his dad said yes. hes the first one out of his whole family to go. so cool. we're having a ton of fun together. So refreshing.
we have some really good investigators right now. Im still in the same branch, just a different area. We have quite a few investigators but they will all be busy this week for the new year. Its literally insnae here. Its going to be a crazy week. We are still in the same house, i just swithced rooms. ha it was a weird transfer call.
thank you so much for your prayers. I know they help me every single day. One thing that would help me would be to pray for me to be more sesitive to the holy ghost and that i can understand these people more. i can speak well, these people just have super thick accents. i love you so much! Thank you.
Charlotte The cheeseburger I had this week was the best thing in the world. I want another one! I miss fast food sooo much! Im going to go everyday for the rest of my life when i get home haha. You better go with me! I wish i could see you get baptized! love you so much!! have a good day!
yo tyler! whats up! The new comp is way cool. Hes like a friend i would have back at home. super fun guy. Hes from saint george. Dang thats super fast dudeon your track race! Did you eat it when you ran the hurdles?? ha i saw some people at highschool eat it pretty bad. funniest thing ever. Yea khmer new year is insane. There are tons of people here, and everyone is busy so its hard to meet people, but its all good. its super pretty here. i like the country a lot better. the people are more humble. ha what did you speak on?? love you dude

I listend to conference this past weekend. man our church is so cool. My testimony of latter day apostles and prophets has grown so much. I had two very specific questions and they were both ansered. Really felt good. You can see the good in their eyes. Its so cool.
You know i actually kinda forgot you guys were here, it wasnt that distracting at all. Ha its all good! Im super excited so many good things happened! That school is going to help a ton of people. So cool.

Yeah the conditions here are super rough. there are some houses here that makes me so sad. Seeing little kids not in school and picking up water bottles and beer cans breaks my heart. Its super sad sometimes. But i know that it will all work out eventually. Maybe not in this life, but everything will be ok.

Meeting David and Pattica was aweseome. They both are awesome. his english is so good! i was way impressed. I could tell Pattica was a super good missionary. i love how missions just completely change people for the better. If you go on a mission, and you try and put effort into it, you will come back a new person. its part of the deal ha.

i remeber that jet lag feeling. Those first couple days in the field i thoughti was going to fall asleep riding my bike ha. I've never been so tired in my entire life. i dont think i've gotten over it yet, becuase im still so tired ha.

Hey thanks for the package and the money. I am so exctied to buy some good food. NO MORE RICE. its going to be a glorious day today. i just might buy some lucky charms
Thanks for everything. Love you all so much. Sounds like life is going good. cant wait to be apart of it in a little bit. have a good week!

elder smith

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