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Elder Smith
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Charlotte's Baptism 5/14/16

Dear elder Sam you are the best brother in the Whole world I love you sososososososo much. I got baptized On Saturday .  It was so awesome and I really felt the spirit after.  So much family came that we had to put more chairs in the room. I felt special. The cousins came over and we had so much fun. I also can almost do a back handspring.  I loved the blessing dad gave me when I got the Holy Ghost.  I feel different today and I'm really glad I made the right choice to get baptized. We played soccer outside with the cousins. School ends in2 weeks! Then I will be a third grader!You are the best brother in the whole World.i miss you so much
 love Charlotte

Dear Charlotte
you looked so pretty in your baptism dress! Im super sad that i missed it! Its so cool you have the holy ghost now! Im so happy for you. The holy ghost can truly become one of your best freinds! I heard there were a lot of people there to see you! So cool. We have a pretty cool family am i right?? cant believe school is ending soon!! crazy! love you girl!!!

elder smith

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