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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Yo Best Week Ever!! Week #42 April 24,2016


let me tell you why

First thing, i think out of the entire world for missionaries Elder Beacco and I got the coolest, most prepared investigators in the entire world. I would put them up against anyone. Literally the coolest thing ever. So a couple weeks ago we saw this old couple (like in their 60's or 70's with their 25 year old daughter) come to church, and then some member told us they were members from Phnom Penh. So we didnt think anything of it, turns out uhh no they are not, and yes they are amazing. They have learned before, but they had some problems  and they wanted to start learning again so they came to church, they live an hour car ride from the church im talking way deep in the jungle. But they are loaded, they drive a lexus for goodness sake. The husband Om dee used to be a massive General for the army of Cambodia, way cool but he reminds me of the man from the movie Up. Just a good old man. So one day Elder Beacco and I decided to find them in the jungle. We called the old lady and asked if we could meet her at her house. She didnt want us to come beacause it was too far, but we were determined. So we called a tuk tuk dude and we went off. After a while, riding along the prettiest landscape ever we found her house. I have never seen people so prepared in my life. They made us a ton of food and gave us water boob cow fruit (my favorite). We shared the first lesson, and at the end she (Om paa) said, "Child, I have been looking for the right church for the past 20 years, and I have found it. When can I get baptized?"  Our chins just dropped and we were like "uhhh..soon." They told us about their past stuggles and the miracles that have been in thier life through Chrirst. They have been christians for like 40 years already and are so happy to have found the true church. Its amazing. They are the coolest old people in the world. I have never met an old lady in Cambodia with this much energy, its the funniest thing ever. She's like always drinking Red bull or something. Shes going to be like my new best friend i already know. If any of you have seen the emperors new groove, the crazy skinny old lady is my new investigator. Its so cool.  Its been a big testimony builder, finding and teacing these people. They want to get baptized so bad that they drive a day early and stay at someones house so they can meet us, and then the next day they go to church. I can totally see them going to the temple in a year. man im so stoked for them.
Another cool thing, this past zone conference was the best one thus far on the mish. I prayed a lot before so that I could have a good experience. It was killer. President Christensen talked about Elder Hollands talk Safety for the Soul (new favorite talk by the way, look it up and hear Elder Holland speak it, soo good). President wanted all of us to reinvigorate our testimonies about the Book of Mormom. This zone conference def did. Then sister Christensen announced some cool stuff. This mission is pretty new so we have very little family history experience, but our mission is changing it. Idk why but the Spirit was just so strong while she taught about how much good we can do in this country with family history. I teared up, never in a million did i think i would shed a tear over family history, but my whole perspective has changed about it. Im so pumped. The first family history senior couple just got called to cambodia last week, so its going to be way good.
The next day Elder Beacco and I were teaching this less active name Roat. way cool young adult. We decided to teach about family history, because its awesome. So after we taught about the Temples and our responsibility to our ancestors he stopped and kinda sat back and said "you know. my dad passed away about 10 years ago, and lately idk why, but i felt like i just need to do something to help him, and i didnt know what." He is trying to be reactivated and is setting up a meeting with the branch prez to prepare for the temple so he can help his dad. SO SICK.

This week was just way good, i have like 5 more things i want to share but this email has tunred into a sisters email, so ill wait till next week. Thanks for the prayers everyone, i love you guys so much. Peace

Elder Smith

D&C 112:13 this one is kinda like my new motto

Got to see these awesome friends again from CICFO!


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