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Elder Smith
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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Experienced a miracle this week! Week #47 June 5, 2016

Well I experienced a pretty cool miracle this week. The other day Elder Medley and I ditched our bikes and decided to contact on the road by foot. Just trying different styles. While we were walking we heard this car zoom past us and my arm got nailed. It felt like my arm got like ripped out of my body. I looked over and the cars side window totally broke off. The car stopped and then just sped away, but what was crazy was I literally felt like no pain. Literally none. I feel like I should of gotten like a bruise of something. Nothing. The lord truly does protect his missionaries. Thanks for the prayers homies.

This area is kinda tough. There has only been one baptism in the past year. Idk why but missionary work is just tough here. We''re trying our best, but man there are just some days man. Like cmon.. Just learn with me dude, it will help i promise ha. Its all good. Cambodians will never cease to surprise me. you get to talk to some of the wierdest people ever.

Our area has some really tough places though. Tons of poverty. Its hard to stay way happy and pumped when you walk through places like this. There is the one house that we visited the other night where a less active lives and it kinda just broke my heart a little. Just tons of drugs, alcohol and babies crying. Its tough. We got it so good. I just love these people so much.

I kinda wish i was cambodian sometimes. Life is just simpler here. they just dont let things bother them. They are the chillest. Like the other day at church the men organized a service thing at some members house. So i was like hey, what time? He just gave me this look and was like in the morning!? I was like yeah, but what time? He then just looked at everyone like how someone does when they are about to roast someone and was just like just in the morning. Come whenever you want dude. Come at 7 come at 10 who cares. ha everyone started laughing. im trying to become more chill, so i can become a cambodian.

love you guys. thanks for all the prayers, you are the best

peace out

Elder Smith

Our salon where we get our hair cuts

totally got lost trying to find a member

My new comp-he's the best
And his pants ripped

Banana delivery man

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