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Elder Smith
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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

First full week in Phnom Penh! week #46 May 29,2016

This week was tight. The work in the city and in the provinces are pretty different. But its been a good transition.  If we contact people here we park our bikes and just walk and talk to people. its illegal to knock on doors so we just talk to people along the road. Right now we have a golden investigator. His name is Bong Rit. He is 30 years old and fluent in French and English. He is progressing really well and will get baptized in about a month. His family is super worried though about him changing religions. In Khmer they say,  "don't betray your blood." Because Buddhism is such a big part of Khmer culture its a big change for the investigator and for their family. They're not telling him no, they are just kinda worried for him, and this dude Bong Rit has a heart of gold and hates making his mom sad. After he told us all of this we had a really good lesson with him. We kinda changed our lesson and talked about how there are different things he can do in this church that will actually help his family. He then said to us, "Look elders, if I'm going to join the church I'm going to join deep, so i have to make sure this is what i want to do." Please pray for him and his family! I'm super stoked for this guy.

Yesterday we were eating and I had the opportunity to eat the derriere of a chicken this week. It was something that you just gots to smile, chew, swallow and then fight the gag reflex. I did it beautifully I have to admit. I eat some wierd stuff and not gag anymore. It only took almost a year but i have mastered it ha.

funny thing that happened yesterday was that Elder Medley and I walked into church and started talking to the members. Then this lady told me to go wake up this old japanese man who was just sprawled out on one of the pews totally sleeping. Elder Medley and i went up to him and just stared and this man and didnt know how to go about waking him up. We just started laughing trying to find a way to wake up this man. I took this mans hand and woke him up and he just shot his hands straight up and yelled YES! i started laughing hard and he just stared at me. i have no idea why but it was just so funny. i told him he needed to sit up but he wouldn't listen so i just left him there and we had church with a random crazy japanese man asleep on the pew. it was aweosme.  This was the first week of my mission where i didnt have to give a random talk or teach preiesthood or do the sacrament, i was like stressed the whole time wondering what i needed to do but there was nothing.

It was a good week. Shout out to Brandon! Happy 17th brotha! love you man!!

elder smith
Elder Smith and his new companion Elder Medley

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Yesterday was one of the best Sundays on the mission Week #45 May 14, 2016

This week was so good! Ive seen some really cool stuff with our investigators. Missions are just way dope. Well we had transfer calls last night, and im getting transfered!  thought for sure i was staying, but hey the Lord needs me in the city now. I heard my area is kinda tough, but im hoping i can help change it. I've been in the Provinces my whole mission and now im going to be right in the middle of the city, super small crowded houses. Lots of factories and stuff. Its going to be a polar opposite from where i am right now. I heard the work in the city and in the provinces is very different so im excited to see how life is in the city. My new comp is going to be Elder Medley. I've heard nothing but funny stories and good things about him so im way pumped. The area is call Jum Ga Moon. Its going to be awesome. 

Yesterday was one of the best Sundays of the mission. It was the coolest. Our 6 investigators got confirmed, and we had three more baptisms. Then 4 of my brand new confirmed investigators all gave talks in Sacrament Meeting. Ahh man it was so tight. We had a total of 9 investigators at church. Pretty much the coolest day ever. Om Sorin, Bong Tie and Hiang all got baptized. Bong tie was from my old area but he still wanted me to baptize him. It was way cool. Elder Chhook and I contacted bong tie on the road, taught him from lesson one and now hes getting baptized. Coolest feeling. Missions are just so cool. You just forget about all the lame things in the world, and just try to help people be happy, and then you become happy when they get happy. just happiness all around here in Seam Riap. Yesterday I don't think i have ever used my Priesthood so much it was so cool. I started the day teaching and then we went to church and I gave the holy ghost to someone, then i blessed the sacrament, then i baptized two people, and then i gave a blessing to the sick. it was so cool. Im so grateful that God has trusted me enough to give me his Authority. its awesome. 
Bong Tai

Om Sorin-
The couple we baptized last week that lives in the jungle invited us to lunch this week, so we made the trek over to there house. They made SO much food. IT was a legit cambo feast, So much good food. So many mangoes! 

Im going to miss this place. The people here are just so cool. Def going to come back and hang out with my new homies here. 

A member that I have become the closest to in this area

Sontephiap and Seckdaysralang to all of you

(peace and love)

Elder Smith

New fav scripture 
"Greet ye one another with a kiss of Charity. Peace be with you all that are in Christ Jesus. Amen." from the man himself 1 Peter 5:14

Charlottes baptism looked so fun. Our fam is so awesome. that video of everyone was way nice. thanks momma. miss those guys so much. i miss talking to everyone, like just messing around. we're pretty smashed on time today , we have a ton to do today I just want to tell you how much i love you. talking to you guys on skype was so fun. literally it made me so happy. Man i miss you guys, way more than i thought i could. Everyone looks so different its weird. I miss you guys more than i thougt i could, its tough sometimes, but i know in the end it will be worth it. no doubt in my mind. thank you for all you do. You're  the best :) proud to call you my mom. 
love you!!  elder smith

Dear Sam I love you so much. You rock you're the best brother in the whole world. Emily's farewell is today and she's leaving in 10 days. Im in the Top 10 race for the fastest people in the school. We race a mile on Thursday. I cannot believe it's almost been a year. Charlotte just got baptized and it was pretty cool. The new temple is looking pretty cool outside but they are not done inside. I'm so excited for the cabin to be done in the summer.  Wish we could talk to you again before Christmas. You are the best brother ever you are smart, kind, Intelegent ,sweet, and awesome. I love you Sam you rock. See you on Christmas you rock. I love you. Love Ashton 

yo ashton!
noooo you da best brotha in the world. Emily is leaving soon! Cant believe it! So crazy! Shes going to do way good! Super excited for her! I cant wait to go back to the temple, i miss it so much. Its the coolest place in the world. Way better than boondocks, trust me. cant wait for christmas!  love you dude!  elder smith

Charlotte's Baptism 5/14/16

Dear elder Sam you are the best brother in the Whole world I love you sososososososo much. I got baptized On Saturday .  It was so awesome and I really felt the spirit after.  So much family came that we had to put more chairs in the room. I felt special. The cousins came over and we had so much fun. I also can almost do a back handspring.  I loved the blessing dad gave me when I got the Holy Ghost.  I feel different today and I'm really glad I made the right choice to get baptized. We played soccer outside with the cousins. School ends in2 weeks! Then I will be a third grader!You are the best brother in the whole World.i miss you so much
 love Charlotte

Dear Charlotte
you looked so pretty in your baptism dress! Im super sad that i missed it! Its so cool you have the holy ghost now! Im so happy for you. The holy ghost can truly become one of your best freinds! I heard there were a lot of people there to see you! So cool. We have a pretty cool family am i right?? cant believe school is ending soon!! crazy! love you girl!!!

elder smith

Man, missions are so cool--you get to have the privilege of literally seeing Gods hand work in peoples lives Week #44 May 9, 2016

Well this week was way good! I got to see 6 of my investigators get baptized! It was so neat. Seeing people who change so fast, just because of their love and Faith in Christ is so fun. It just makes you love God that much more. Right after Om Pha got baptized she went up to me and said "Child, thank you so much for opening God's road for me." It was just like, man missions are so cool, you get to have the privilege of literally seeing Gods hand work in peoples life from an outside perspective. It strengthens your testimony and honestly just makes you a happier person.

We are hoping to have a couple more baptism next week, if all goes well. super excited!

Well Elder Beacco and I had a really cool experience yesteraday.l We arrived a little late at a house for a lesson, and they were busy, so we had a half hour to kill. we decided to turn off and go to our house to eat, we turned on to a road and saw an African man. He  yelled at me and asked me if i knew where the catholic church was,  i was like no, but hey you should come to our church, its way better. So he was like ok, we went to the church and gave him a tour, and he really liked it. We sat down in the cultural hall and he started talking to me about how today hes been having a really tough day, he just moved from kenya to cambodia, to try to start a new life, and wanted to find a church to help him. I just told him, look man theres not a better place in cambodia for you to be right now, we can help you. it was so tight,. so hopefully he will accept our message and let it change him. I might get to teach someone in English. it would be so weird.

Here's just a good pick me up scripture. I love sharing this with people who kinda have lost their faith and hope. Its 3 Ne 9:14 "Yea, verily i say unto you, if ye will come unto me ye shall have eternal life. Behold, mine arm of mercy is extended towards you, and whosoever will come, him will I receive; and blessed are those who come unto me." Its way simple. we just have to make one choice at a time. We might have tons of bad habits or feel like we just cant do it, or maybe we just simply don't want to, but i promise if you just try it out, it will be better than anything you gave up once you realize how you feel. its the best. its freeing, and honestly its more fun. When i share this i like saying a little example about a mango, they love it, because mangoes are life here in Cambodia. It goes like this. "Imagine that this tree is filled with mangoes. And i eat it, and tell you its the best mango in the world, maybe  you will believe me and maybe you wont. Another person might tell you its the grossest thing in the world, but you know what, you will never know until you try it. Take a leap of faith and try Jesus's Mangoes. They are so good. But you will never know until you take a bite. HA

Well skyping you guys today was so fun. Miss you guys so much. Hope you guys have a good week!

The Siem Riep Fam! 


So many great investigators! Week #43 May 2, 2016

Hey sorry i emailed so late today, we did another Angkor Wat trip. It was so sick.

This week was way good. Our investigators are killing it! All 6 of them passed they're baptismal interview. So if all goes well Elder Beacco and I will be having 6 baptisims. Im so pumped. This Sunday is going to be one to remember.

Om Dy, Om Pa and their daughter bong bonna are doing so good. They are the family who are getting baptized. They got some good faith. Also cool story they are HARDCORE royalty. Like Om Pha her father was like the kings brother or cousin or something. Shes considered a princess right now. Whats up we're baptizing a princess this week.

Phy Dy and her siblings are killing it too. Im so excited for them. They come to church every week. Idk why but i havenet written a lot about them. Their dad is our investigator but hes struggling with alcohol and he just got surgery on his eye, but he wants his family to get baptized, so hopefully we will get him soon.

So we have this investigator right now whos way good. Shes an old lady named Om sarin. She rides her bike like an hour and a half to get to her job and struggles paying for her electricity bill (which is like 5 dollars). So we were kinda nervous teaching about Tithing. We asked her if she would commit to obey this law, and she said she couldnt. Elder Beacco and I looked at each other and then we just had the coolest 15 minutes ever. It was just all by the Spirit. One of my fav lessons on the mish thus far. She explained her situation, and we read from the scriptures. After feeling Gods love for her and explaining how this is just a way to help her, she realized how important it was and decided she could just test God out. This old lady is the coolest. The next sunday she brought 2 friends to church. shes killing it right now.

oh hey i got some way good news. when i was in Prae Choo Elder Neuberger and I contacted this family. They were way good. They got baptized last week! I had no idea they were still learning. So awesome.

This week ive been studying a lot in the new testament, this scripture was my favorite Mat 19:29. love you guys

PDay Jungle Walk

legit jungle book kids catching beetles to sell at the market


Yo Best Week Ever!! Week #42 April 24,2016


let me tell you why

First thing, i think out of the entire world for missionaries Elder Beacco and I got the coolest, most prepared investigators in the entire world. I would put them up against anyone. Literally the coolest thing ever. So a couple weeks ago we saw this old couple (like in their 60's or 70's with their 25 year old daughter) come to church, and then some member told us they were members from Phnom Penh. So we didnt think anything of it, turns out uhh no they are not, and yes they are amazing. They have learned before, but they had some problems  and they wanted to start learning again so they came to church, they live an hour car ride from the church im talking way deep in the jungle. But they are loaded, they drive a lexus for goodness sake. The husband Om dee used to be a massive General for the army of Cambodia, way cool but he reminds me of the man from the movie Up. Just a good old man. So one day Elder Beacco and I decided to find them in the jungle. We called the old lady and asked if we could meet her at her house. She didnt want us to come beacause it was too far, but we were determined. So we called a tuk tuk dude and we went off. After a while, riding along the prettiest landscape ever we found her house. I have never seen people so prepared in my life. They made us a ton of food and gave us water boob cow fruit (my favorite). We shared the first lesson, and at the end she (Om paa) said, "Child, I have been looking for the right church for the past 20 years, and I have found it. When can I get baptized?"  Our chins just dropped and we were like "uhhh..soon." They told us about their past stuggles and the miracles that have been in thier life through Chrirst. They have been christians for like 40 years already and are so happy to have found the true church. Its amazing. They are the coolest old people in the world. I have never met an old lady in Cambodia with this much energy, its the funniest thing ever. She's like always drinking Red bull or something. Shes going to be like my new best friend i already know. If any of you have seen the emperors new groove, the crazy skinny old lady is my new investigator. Its so cool.  Its been a big testimony builder, finding and teacing these people. They want to get baptized so bad that they drive a day early and stay at someones house so they can meet us, and then the next day they go to church. I can totally see them going to the temple in a year. man im so stoked for them.
Another cool thing, this past zone conference was the best one thus far on the mish. I prayed a lot before so that I could have a good experience. It was killer. President Christensen talked about Elder Hollands talk Safety for the Soul (new favorite talk by the way, look it up and hear Elder Holland speak it, soo good). President wanted all of us to reinvigorate our testimonies about the Book of Mormom. This zone conference def did. Then sister Christensen announced some cool stuff. This mission is pretty new so we have very little family history experience, but our mission is changing it. Idk why but the Spirit was just so strong while she taught about how much good we can do in this country with family history. I teared up, never in a million did i think i would shed a tear over family history, but my whole perspective has changed about it. Im so pumped. The first family history senior couple just got called to cambodia last week, so its going to be way good.
The next day Elder Beacco and I were teaching this less active name Roat. way cool young adult. We decided to teach about family history, because its awesome. So after we taught about the Temples and our responsibility to our ancestors he stopped and kinda sat back and said "you know. my dad passed away about 10 years ago, and lately idk why, but i felt like i just need to do something to help him, and i didnt know what." He is trying to be reactivated and is setting up a meeting with the branch prez to prepare for the temple so he can help his dad. SO SICK.

This week was just way good, i have like 5 more things i want to share but this email has tunred into a sisters email, so ill wait till next week. Thanks for the prayers everyone, i love you guys so much. Peace

Elder Smith

D&C 112:13 this one is kinda like my new motto

Got to see these awesome friends again from CICFO!


Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Crazy Khmer New Year! April 17,2016 Week #41

Yo fam

Well this week was khmer new year. And let me tell you, it was a ton of fun, but for missionary work it could not have been worse. Ha these people go insane. We called like a 100 people and no one answered. They just shut thier phones off for like a week straight.  We would ride our bike along the road and these guys would just soak us with water guns and sokers. It was hilarious. Then people would try to slap our faces with baby poweder. Im definitely going to come back here when im not a missionary and show them whats up. The whole road is like white right now because of khmer new year. good stuff.

Food wise this week, Elder Beacco and I got some way good stuff. We had 2 members give us the privledge of eating chicken feet soup and some pig brain soup. It was terrible. The chicket feet.. i can eat some gross food, but man it just looked like a 100 year old womans hand. The gag reflex bit me in the butt this week. My comp and I hit a way cool dumpling restaruant this week. We looked at the menu and saw they had crocodile and shark dumplings. So we smiled at eachother and got a plate of Crocodile and Shark. It was awesome. Super good too.

A couple days ago we had some members call us and wanted us to go out to the village called svie jake (mango banane village) and give out food to poor people. It was way out there. it was a special experience. Seeing all these super old cambos and tons of kids coming from the trees and their houses, was so cool. they were so grateful. the last place we went i swear there were like 30 kids all around us. It was so cool. it could have been the first time they have ever seen a white person before. Some kids were yelling ghost at us, it was awesome.

This week I read a lot. One of my favorite stories is Nephi building the ship. 1 Ne 18:2-4 got me real good. He said "Now I, Nephi did not work the timbers after the manner which was learned by men, neither did i build the ship after the manner of men; but I did build it after the manner which the lord had shown unto me; wherefore, it was not after the manner of men. If we take a step back we can say the Ship is us, all of us in the future. Nephi is the person we are right now. And we need to decide if we are going to build our self after the manner of men or of God. In verse 3 it says "wherefore, the Lord showed unto me great things." When we humble our self we raise our self so we can be spiritually ready to recieve those "great things" from God. There is freedom is surrender.

One more thing i want to share. So there is this recent convert that we are teaching, his name is sack. hes 23 years old. Super cool,hip dude who has a lot going for him. He got baptized about 6 months ago, and has been an example in my life ever since i have met him. Hes the only member in his family, his family is way mad hes a christian now, his boss and all of his friends try to get him to party with him every weekend. All of his friends in the church just left on missions, so its kinda just him now. He gave a talk yesterday and it was so good. He talked about how during this khmer new year he had lots of temptations. He said one night he was with all of his friends and his big boss from work, they all trying to get him to drink, they called two pretty girls to come sit by him, and he said that he almost just gave in. He was right on the brink. But he went to the bathroom and just prayed and asked for the strength to overcome and say no. He did it. He denied. He stood as a witness and didnt care, even though he had so many excuses to just give in. Hes the coolest.

uptate on investigators: we have 1 dude named phiap. super cool guy and had a way good lesson on obediance. he wants to get baptized so bad, but he has some issues with drinking. we have another guy named moon, hes doing way good and even came to church during khmer new year. literally like no one showed up. and then we have these two girls one is 25 and the other is 12, they will probably get baptized in two weeks. we are trying to teach there dad, but he's a little rough. i think we can get him. all in all my area is doing way good. if next week goes well , we could have 10 investigators with a baptsimal date. lots of prayers. CICFO sounds like its doing way good. Super cool. man i feel like every week i get some news about how good its doing. its so awesome. that place helps so many people. im so glad we got involved there. its been nothing but good.

well i got like no time, sorry! i love you tons- mom and dad have fun going to the beach for the 5th time this year ha. love you dudes random fact:  Lately i throw up so much. its way weird.

peace out, Elder Smith

*he didn't send any pictures this week, but I found these off someone else's blog :)
Cambodian Version of a PiƱata


My comp is a baller! 4/10/16 Week #40

Sam didn't have much time this week to write so here are a few excerpts from our letters:

hey momma
 My new comp is a baller. hes from saint george. he has a really cool past. he is a convert and wanted to get baptized, but his father didnt let him, he had to wait a couple years until his dad said yes. hes the first one out of his whole family to go. so cool. we're having a ton of fun together. So refreshing.
we have some really good investigators right now. Im still in the same branch, just a different area. We have quite a few investigators but they will all be busy this week for the new year. Its literally insnae here. Its going to be a crazy week. We are still in the same house, i just swithced rooms. ha it was a weird transfer call.
thank you so much for your prayers. I know they help me every single day. One thing that would help me would be to pray for me to be more sesitive to the holy ghost and that i can understand these people more. i can speak well, these people just have super thick accents. i love you so much! Thank you.
Charlotte The cheeseburger I had this week was the best thing in the world. I want another one! I miss fast food sooo much! Im going to go everyday for the rest of my life when i get home haha. You better go with me! I wish i could see you get baptized! love you so much!! have a good day!
yo tyler! whats up! The new comp is way cool. Hes like a friend i would have back at home. super fun guy. Hes from saint george. Dang thats super fast dudeon your track race! Did you eat it when you ran the hurdles?? ha i saw some people at highschool eat it pretty bad. funniest thing ever. Yea khmer new year is insane. There are tons of people here, and everyone is busy so its hard to meet people, but its all good. its super pretty here. i like the country a lot better. the people are more humble. ha what did you speak on?? love you dude

I listend to conference this past weekend. man our church is so cool. My testimony of latter day apostles and prophets has grown so much. I had two very specific questions and they were both ansered. Really felt good. You can see the good in their eyes. Its so cool.
You know i actually kinda forgot you guys were here, it wasnt that distracting at all. Ha its all good! Im super excited so many good things happened! That school is going to help a ton of people. So cool.

Yeah the conditions here are super rough. there are some houses here that makes me so sad. Seeing little kids not in school and picking up water bottles and beer cans breaks my heart. Its super sad sometimes. But i know that it will all work out eventually. Maybe not in this life, but everything will be ok.

Meeting David and Pattica was aweseome. They both are awesome. his english is so good! i was way impressed. I could tell Pattica was a super good missionary. i love how missions just completely change people for the better. If you go on a mission, and you try and put effort into it, you will come back a new person. its part of the deal ha.

i remeber that jet lag feeling. Those first couple days in the field i thoughti was going to fall asleep riding my bike ha. I've never been so tired in my entire life. i dont think i've gotten over it yet, becuase im still so tired ha.

Hey thanks for the package and the money. I am so exctied to buy some good food. NO MORE RICE. its going to be a glorious day today. i just might buy some lucky charms
Thanks for everything. Love you all so much. Sounds like life is going good. cant wait to be apart of it in a little bit. have a good week!

elder smith

Well I did it! 4/3/16 Week #39

Well I did it. 3 months with my comp. It has been a very weird 3 months but nevertheless it is finished. So we got the trasnfer call and im still in siam riap but im changing areas, Im going to be with Elder Beacco. Im so stoked. Hes way chill. I've gotten to know him really well, we were joking that we were going to be comps and it happened. Im going to be with him in his area. So stoked! Elder uhi is coming and training and taking over our area, so im going to show him around for a little bit to help him out. This next transfer is going to be a ton of fun and hard work.

Next week is going to be way different. we have zone conference, conference, and khmer new year, which means we dont do anything for like 4 days haha. Its like a week long holiday. and the best place to be is in siam riap. Im super stoked to see all this hard core khmer culture. Its going to be so cool. Im having a bunch of members teach me some khmer dances. They are the funniest thing ever. I cant wait to show you guys. Youll be impressed. I get low.

This week has been pretty good. It has been kinda hard too cause my comp has kinda quit, but ive coaxed him along so we did some good stuff. I contacted this dude last week named bong ngaa. I felt like i needed to go to his house again on sunday so we went over and we started talking. He came to church and brought one of his friends. It was so cool. They want to learn

We have these two investigators who have been christians since the end of Pol Plot. They pretty much have the Bible memorized, and they have their own little congregation of like 50 people. We've had some really cool conversations, and its been super cool to see how thier perspective have changed. I special ordered a massive Book of Mormom for him so he can read. If he asks and gets an answer i could get 50 new investigators. How cool would that be.

Now that im getting comfortable in the language i love talking to people. Its way more fun. You here some funny/crazy stories every day becuase cambos literally will say anything. They are the most straight forward people ive ever met in my life. This old lady yesterday tole me she had diarriah. for no reason whatsoever ha./ I was laughing so hard. I was sitting in this one house talking to this old man and he was sharing stories from Pol Plot. He said when he was 14 he was in his village, which had 90 people in it and the khmer rouge came in and just slaughtered everyone, but he and like 10 people escaped. pretty much everyone in his life just died in an instant. man i hate pol plot, such a chhguat.

Big shout out to the 3rd ward for the valentines gift ha, that was awesome, And grandma and granpa smith that package was amazing. When i saw that hickory barbecue sauce and salsa i creid a little not going to lie. you guys are the best.

love you guys!!

on splits with Elder Xiong

coolest TukTuk in the world!

Great people. Tried to teach them, but they were not interested 
backyard of an inactive member