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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Crazy Khmer New Year! April 17,2016 Week #41

Yo fam

Well this week was khmer new year. And let me tell you, it was a ton of fun, but for missionary work it could not have been worse. Ha these people go insane. We called like a 100 people and no one answered. They just shut thier phones off for like a week straight.  We would ride our bike along the road and these guys would just soak us with water guns and sokers. It was hilarious. Then people would try to slap our faces with baby poweder. Im definitely going to come back here when im not a missionary and show them whats up. The whole road is like white right now because of khmer new year. good stuff.

Food wise this week, Elder Beacco and I got some way good stuff. We had 2 members give us the privledge of eating chicken feet soup and some pig brain soup. It was terrible. The chicket feet.. i can eat some gross food, but man it just looked like a 100 year old womans hand. The gag reflex bit me in the butt this week. My comp and I hit a way cool dumpling restaruant this week. We looked at the menu and saw they had crocodile and shark dumplings. So we smiled at eachother and got a plate of Crocodile and Shark. It was awesome. Super good too.

A couple days ago we had some members call us and wanted us to go out to the village called svie jake (mango banane village) and give out food to poor people. It was way out there. it was a special experience. Seeing all these super old cambos and tons of kids coming from the trees and their houses, was so cool. they were so grateful. the last place we went i swear there were like 30 kids all around us. It was so cool. it could have been the first time they have ever seen a white person before. Some kids were yelling ghost at us, it was awesome.

This week I read a lot. One of my favorite stories is Nephi building the ship. 1 Ne 18:2-4 got me real good. He said "Now I, Nephi did not work the timbers after the manner which was learned by men, neither did i build the ship after the manner of men; but I did build it after the manner which the lord had shown unto me; wherefore, it was not after the manner of men. If we take a step back we can say the Ship is us, all of us in the future. Nephi is the person we are right now. And we need to decide if we are going to build our self after the manner of men or of God. In verse 3 it says "wherefore, the Lord showed unto me great things." When we humble our self we raise our self so we can be spiritually ready to recieve those "great things" from God. There is freedom is surrender.

One more thing i want to share. So there is this recent convert that we are teaching, his name is sack. hes 23 years old. Super cool,hip dude who has a lot going for him. He got baptized about 6 months ago, and has been an example in my life ever since i have met him. Hes the only member in his family, his family is way mad hes a christian now, his boss and all of his friends try to get him to party with him every weekend. All of his friends in the church just left on missions, so its kinda just him now. He gave a talk yesterday and it was so good. He talked about how during this khmer new year he had lots of temptations. He said one night he was with all of his friends and his big boss from work, they all trying to get him to drink, they called two pretty girls to come sit by him, and he said that he almost just gave in. He was right on the brink. But he went to the bathroom and just prayed and asked for the strength to overcome and say no. He did it. He denied. He stood as a witness and didnt care, even though he had so many excuses to just give in. Hes the coolest.

uptate on investigators: we have 1 dude named phiap. super cool guy and had a way good lesson on obediance. he wants to get baptized so bad, but he has some issues with drinking. we have another guy named moon, hes doing way good and even came to church during khmer new year. literally like no one showed up. and then we have these two girls one is 25 and the other is 12, they will probably get baptized in two weeks. we are trying to teach there dad, but he's a little rough. i think we can get him. all in all my area is doing way good. if next week goes well , we could have 10 investigators with a baptsimal date. lots of prayers. CICFO sounds like its doing way good. Super cool. man i feel like every week i get some news about how good its doing. its so awesome. that place helps so many people. im so glad we got involved there. its been nothing but good.

well i got like no time, sorry! i love you tons- mom and dad have fun going to the beach for the 5th time this year ha. love you dudes random fact:  Lately i throw up so much. its way weird.

peace out, Elder Smith

*he didn't send any pictures this week, but I found these off someone else's blog :)
Cambodian Version of a PiƱata


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