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Elder Smith
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Jamraun got baptized! 12/4/16 Week #74

ayyye Jomraun got baptized!! So sick. It was such a good baptism. Tons of members showed up and we had khmer noodels with curry after. Couldnt get better. Man i just love baptisms.As we were walking in the bathroom to go into the faunt he said "Im so excited!" Ha it was awesome. After it was over he bore his testimony and said he felt sinless and like clear water. It was so tight. We've become way close these past weeks. Such a homie, We are going to his house next week, becuase his mom wants to meet us. Maybe we will be able to teach his parents as well! 

This week we had some extra time so we did some street contacting and we passed this man and I felt like i needed to talk to him, so we pulled the 180 and started talking to him. His name is Booech. His wife died and has 2 young kids. He fixes motor bikes for a living. We met with him on Sunday, taught him how to pray and gave him a BOM. Hes got some way good potential. Im super stoked for him. 

Every week im just loving this area more and more. Not going to lie when i first came here, i was a little bummed. It was just struggling hard core. But its really picking up and the members are feeling it too. I feel like we are  actually making some what of a change here. Its way cool. The other day we got a call to come to a members house to help her, but really they just wanted to feed us Nome bonchayyo (its way good). Its like khmer crepes, except they are green and have shrimp in them. Anyways in khmer culture if a man can make a good Nome Chayyo he will be a good husband becuase they are way hard to make. So i told them i wanted to try, and they just started laughing, boy did i show them up haha it was awesome. It was llit perfect. I couldnt believe myself. They were laughing so hard, and told me I needed to marry a khmer woman. Good times.
Making Nome Chayyo

Training is doing way good. Elder Mitchell is working hard and trying his best. Obviously living here takes a while to get used to, but hes a good sport. When he testifies the Spirit is immediantly there. We're having a ton of fun together. Hes going to be one dang good misisonary. 

Christmas in Asia is a funny thing. I remember a year ago i was in Prae Choo with my second comp and i woke up and it was hot and we just worked all morning it was the worst haha. But it lets you think about why we  have christmas. The lights and presents don't distract us from what we really should be thinking about. Its way cooll. 

I really love what you said about succoring people. I've realized that same thing in a way in this area. I heard from lots of Elders that this is a tough area. But I noticed that if you work hard and you just pray hard and do your best you will love it.  How can you hate an area if you have worked so hard to help? If you try hard and love the people (even if its tough) you will love the place where you worked hard:)

Love you all 

Elder Smith
My fav pic i have taken my whole mission
Family Home Evening

Did some khmer medicine...;)

eating with a member (food did not sit well that night:/

Thrust in your sickle with all your might! 
Helping in the rice fields on an island

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