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Elder Smith
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Friday, January 13, 2017

I am going to be training in this area! 11/13/16 Week #71

That festival sounds like a blast. The house looks even cooler. Im currently sweating my face off in a sketchy internet cafe and the guy next to me keeps picking his nose and yelling at the computer, so i think we both are having a ton of fun... haha

So we had transfer calls last night and i am going to be training in this area! Im way stoked! Training looks so fun. You get to experience Cambodia all over again. Teaching khmer and all of the culture things. Its going to be a blast.  

This week was awesome and pretty sad at the same time. Elder Mather and I got a new investigator this week. He is a Principal of a school. Super educated and is really interested. Pretty good guy. He's super smart so the spirit will need to do all of the work. Im way excited to start to teach him. Our first lesson was just talking about the doctrine of Christ and what things he would have to change if he became a member. Lots of buddhism traditions. Its a HUGE sacrifice for Cambodians to enter in Gods church. Its a big deal. So he's nervous but he is intrigued also. I cant wait to see the Spirit work with him to help him realize the truthfulness of this message. Its going to be awesome!  Buddhism is really neat and teaches a lot of good things but it's super hard to teach about Gods church to them because we teach them about faith and changing your hear (repentance) and they just say its the same thing Buddha teaches haha. They just have to realize they wont turn into a mosquito in the next life. 

So yesterday we got a call after church and i picked up the phone and all i heard was this woman yell come! I'm afraid he's going to come back and hit me. So my comp and I rode our bikes as fast as we could to this village and saw this new recent convert with her daughter. Turns out their brother in law was under the influence and hit this little girl and then the father chased him down the road they fought but then the police got bribed to not catch him. and then they got kicked out of thier house becuase the person who hit the girl was renting that house to them and then the mother of the man came and starting yelling at me and then all of the neihbors came to watch and i was getting all of these different stories  and it was just a mess. Crazy day. 

jomruan came to church again this week. He should get baptized in a couple weeks. Im way excited. 

I just love  being a missionary. I think its becuase all we are supposed to do is help people. we dont have to worry about work, friends, school or anything, We just go around and try to help people and help them enter into God's true church. Couldn't think of doing anything else with my life. Missions are the best. love you dudes. 

Elder Smith

getting some service done on P-day

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