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Elder Smith
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Teaching the Word of Wisdom to Jamraun 11/7/16 Week #70

So I dont have a ton of time today so im just going to summarize what i did this past week. 

Jomraun is doing really good. We had a way good lesson with him this week. The word of wisdom has been the make it or break it lesson my whole mission. So to be honest i dread teaching it becuase it causes so many problems but it needs to be done. We met him at the church this week and once we walked into the room we started talking about his job and what he wants to do in the future. He said he really wants to open up a cafe place and sell coffee and tea. Sooo Elder Mather and I looked at eachother smiled and started the lesson. It was one of my favorite lessons in my mission. We explained that God wants us to have joy, real happiness in this life and if we are unhealthy and sick all the time its hard for us to be happy. So we explained that tea and coffee are some things God does not want us to drink. It was a fun conversation. But in the end he said "You know dont really understand why coffee and tea are bad, but if God doesnt want me to drink it then I wont." I just about hugged him right there. So much faithl. It was the coolest. Then he came to church and went to tall three hours. Hes doing real good right now. 

A couple days ago we had the chance to do some really fun service. We were knee deep in muddy water pulling out this weed from the droguan plant. Of course it ended up into a mud fight with the other Elders. It was pitch black outside and we were a good bike ride away from our house and then i must have run over a nail or something and my bike tire just blew up. So it was a long ride back home. 

Sorry i dont have a ton of time today. But i want to thank you guys for all the prayers and fasting. It helps SO much. You guys are the best. Christmas is kinda coming up. Skyping is going to be a ton of fun. 

Love you dudes. Have a great week!

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