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Elder Smith
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Friday, January 13, 2017

I got my first son this week! Elder Mitchell is here straight from London! 11/20/16 Week #72


what a week. So i got my first child this week. His name is Elder Mitchell and he is straight from........... London. Thats right the first missionary to go to Cambodia from England is my son. Its way sick. He says rubbish and istead of saying a bus ride he says a  coach ride its the coolest. Im already trying to say all of the words he does. Im also practicing my accent. Im getting pretty good at it. Hes such a good elder. Tries tons of new things, works way hard and just wants to be a good missionary. Im so stoked. We're getting along great even though there is some grudges becuase of the revolutionary war. I think we will be able to get past it. Tomorrow for companionship study we are going to see The Star Spangled Banner..:)
Elder Mitchell!

Getting Elder Mitchell's things on a TukTuk

The work over here is coming along. Huah got the priesthood yesterday. It was soo cool. Hes way pumped to pass the sacrament next week. He also talked to us about how hard it is to become an Elder. Hes thinking about a mission. How cool is that?! 

Jomraun came to church again. Hes keeping every single commitment and is going to be baptized on the 4th of December. Im so stoked. Elder Mitchell just might get a baptism his first month in country. 

We have another investigator who is the principal for an elementary school. Our lessons are good but he just has so many questions about everything so its hard to get our point across. Sometimes we just say we will talk about that in a later time. 

Our other investigator Vannat is doing pretty good as well. We taught him lesson 1 yesterday and Elder Mitchell testified in his broken khmer. Spirit was there. It was so cool. He promised to read and pray to ask if God really exists and if the Book of Mormon is His word or not. He also told me that he thinks we are puakmak with eachother (HOMIES) he called me a homie. Whats up. 

About a month ago Elder Mather and I found a map and found this lost member. He hadnt been to church in a LONG time. We started teaching him and he came to church, so did another less active we are meeting with. 

Elder Mitchell and I are going to do some way good things here. So pumped. Love you dudes. 

Elder Smith
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