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Elder Smith
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Monday, June 19, 2017

Vnagoo is doing great! Trying to help the people here know that a Savior is born! 12/18/16 Week #76

This week we killed it on the lessons. Our new investigator Vangnoo is doing so good. He's the guy who saw a vid on facebook and is in dentistry school right now. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This guy is one of my favorite people i have taught so far on my mission. Hes just so sincere. He's joined like every single religion, Buddhism, Hinduasm some wierd Chinese religion and other Christian churches and as we taught the plan of salvation he told us, "Elder, I just want to know which one is true. Thats it." It went quiet for a little and I got to testify about everything I know to be true. It was way cool. He then asked us why he cant be baptized tomorrow. We have a date for him on the 7th. So stoked. 

We are teaching another man named Soka. Hes a teacher here in Kampong Cham. Hes super busy but hes starting to have some real faith. We taught him the Gospel of Christ and he said he believes now. Its so cool to just show people and teach them that they have a Savior. Being here in Cambodia its such an amazing opportunity to help people understand what Christ did for them. Its the best. Buddha is good and all but he just doesn't have what it takes.

Had some soup this week that wasn't too good. I can handle food pretty well now, but that one was a fun one. I look at food now like its a challenge. Taste really does matter. Its like a pride thing i have with myself now. Can i have the will power of swallowing it or will my body not let me? Its a fun game!

This Sunday I had a really cool experience. I've been really thinking a ton about Repenting Daily this past week and have been praying for the Spirit. As i was sitting next to Vangnoo in sacrament and explaining what the sacrament was and seeing the humble Cambodians pray individually i felt the still small voice. It wasn't strong but it just stayed with me for the next hour. It was so neat. The Spirit told me that what I was doing was right. And it taught me the importance of preparing to renew convenants. It was a day i will cherish forever. 

Christmas is super weird here. No one here even knows what it is. I would say 80% of the memebers have no clue as well, so this week we will just be spreading the word that A Savior Is Born. Should be the coolest thing ever, 

Love you all

Elder Smith

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