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Elder Smith
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Monday, June 19, 2017

1/1/17 Week #77

ha mom you got me. I actually got a little excited for a second. I thought i was going to have another sibling, but you just took him/her away from me haha. Man i just stopped reading once i read that, took me a sec to read the rest of that haha. you are the worst. 

Man 2017 is going to be big. Super cool. Having lots of things in a year makes it a lot more fun. Thats so cool you guys got to meet so many cool people in that branch. I bet you guys learned a ton. The church in Cambodia is like that too. Every single person in the room is a convert. When i had a khmer comp i realized i was the only person born in the church. We are so blessed. The testimonies of people who find God are my favorite. Filled with so much gratitude. There is this word in khmer and it means to be grateful and being amazed at the same time. They use it a lot its super cool. 

This week was super good. We got to find a lost member, teach a progressing investigator, get a new investigator and see Gods power heal a little boy. Such a good week. I know your prayers and fasting help in so many ways. Thank you so much:)

Sound like the kids are doing awesome. I love hearing that. Brandon is literally going to be the best missionary ever. So pumped for him. All the kids are growing up. What the heck. Its kinda fun though. When we go on trips it will be a lot more fun that's for sure:)

Ha man 20. I literally hate it. This is my first birthday where i am not excited. Honestly for my p day if you could just get a TON of pics from my friends instagram and crop them, and some pics of the family that would be the best thing ever. I love pictures for some reason.

I loved hearing all about your adventure in Thailnd. You are the coolest mom ever. Always wanting your kids to have good experiences. I love it so much. Your the best. 

Elder Smith

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