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Elder Smith
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

This has been a tough area, but it's also been really fun 1/30/17 Week #81

hey hey

this week was pretty good. I contacted 2 guys at seperate times and they both invited us back so we got another 2 investigators. We have 6 investigators with a baptismal date, but this week was also chinese new year. the funniest thing about cambodia is that they will literally celebrate every single holiday its the funniest thing ever. even if they dont even know why, they just love to party. Totally my culture. but beacuse of the party everyone went to their home town so like no one came to church but oh well haha. 

We are meeting with vangnoo tomorrow and if he didnt drink he will get baptized but if he did then we will have to continue to work things out. 

Yeah we get transfer calls on Sunday, so this is my last week here. i have been here for a while haha. its been tough, but also really fun. It kinda makes me cry not going to lie, i kinda want to leave but ive learned a TON about who i am here. its been humbling. this branch was dying when i got here, and its still tough but i literally know every single member and just worked my hardest so its been fun to see what worked and what didnt. Its funny some people think im going to the city and some think Battambang and be zone leader there so who knows. Im honestly down to do anything. the city does sound a little nice not going to lie haha. 

love you momma

elder smith


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