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Thursday, June 22, 2017

4 inch spider on my arm and I let out a little yelp! 1/22/17 Week #80

hey fellas

Good week. But.. vangnoo  went to a big wedding with a bunch of his friends and he drank..;( BUT we had a really good powerful lesson about it and he's determined to stop. He explained that he doesnt even want to, but drinking is such a social thing in Cambodia for men that people will actually get very offended if you dont drink. So we pushed the baptism back 2 weeks. We are praying and trying to prepare him for baptism soon. 

The 11 year old kid we are teaching is doing good. He should get baptized the same day as vangnoo now so that should be cool. I contacted this dude a couple weeks ago and we finally got to meet him and he had a friend over. We taught about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what He taught. They loved it and agreed to be baptized. Super cool! They have a ton of work to do in order to get ready (we literally were sitting on beer cans for our seats) but with Gods help it can be done. 

I did an echange with my main man Elder Bullough. Way funny dude. Hes like 6ft 4 so all the memebrs just call me Yeaak. Which means Ogre. Super funny. We were teaching one of his recent converts and and then i felt this little thing walking on my elbow. Turns out there was likea 4 inch spider just chilling on my flipping arm. I surprised myself and let a little yelp out and walked it across the room. It took me a while to get over it. The guy we were teaching just looked at me at was like "why are you even scared?" uhhh are you kidding me? He was just so unimpressed with me. Gotta love it. 

We taught his super old 85 year old man too and we just got to hear him try to convince his other 90 year old friend to come to church. Funniest conversation of my life. For some reason old people in Cambodia go a little crazy when they pass 80. It was one for the books. 

A less active we have been meeting with a lot lately finally showed up for church. His name is Saruan. Such a good dude. The spirit is working on him. And he told me that "the day of changing his heart is coming up." ha i just said why not now! And gave him a hug and told him i will be the first person to welcome him back. Nothing like some brotherly love. 

Another funny culture thing in Cambodia, is that when you get close with older men like 30 to 70 year old men, they will start to be really touchy. It means they like you. So since i have been here for a while the men are getting really touchy. Its the funniest thing ever. I had 3 grown men grab my butt this week. Now who can say that???? I can. 


From Charlotte:Dear elder sam, i love you so much. I am sorry i have not been able to write to you that much. I have been very busy. How is your companion? how are you? how is your life? Monday i am starting school i am so scared. I can't believe i am not in Thailand it feels so weird? I can't wait for you to come back! I love  you so much Charlotte.

Sam's Reply: Dear Charlotte. 

I know you are busy so it is ok. You got a lot to do every day. What makes you so busy? Is it your Mexican boyfriend or what?! Haha do you love playing in the snow?? My companion is awesome. its tons of fun. I will leave this area in two weeks so i want to try my very hardest these next couple weeks. How are your friends?? Love you dude!!
Elder Smith

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