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Elder Smith
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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Lots of investigators! 1/16/17Week #79

hey hey hey

Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. You guys are the best! Last night we had a big BBQ at our house. It was a ton of fun. The two khmer elders that i love went big and decorated the deck and played some way sick Khmer music. It was a super fun night. I'll send pics of it next week. 

This week was good. I got to do some service in Prae Choo (my very first area) so that was a ton of fun seeing some of the members there. They made us food as well... they gave us dog. And chicken liver/head/feet. yeah yeah it was awesome. The dog was different, super chewy but hey it didn't taste bad. 

Funniest thing happened last week. We were teaching huah ,our recent convert, and we were sitting on this little table and we were really close to each other. He started to read this scripture that i had asked him to read and my face was probably a foot away and he just burped so hard and loud right in my face. My reaction wasn't the best to say the least. Cambodians don't really brush their teeth, so the smell was too much. I was laughing so hard. 

Vangnoo is getting interviewed this week for baptism so please pray for him! He bought me a sandwich for my birthday. What a guy. Hes doing really good. Hes been going to church every week consistently for over a month. So awesome!

We are teaching this 12 year old kid now. His name is Hiang. His mom joined and for some reason hated the church, his friends made fun of him because he believed in Jesus. But now he wants to learn so he should get baptized next month! Super stoked for that as well. 

We are teaching this man name Soka right now. Hes a professor at a college. Hes the smart one. We had a way cool lesson about Baptism and Obedience to God. The Spirit was super strong. We finally got him to commit to a date. Feb 28! He has to get work off on Sundays now so he will need to make some changes. Hopefully this guy can make the changes needed so he can be baptized!  
Right now i'm feeling good. Ive been thinking about how i can be a better missionary a lot lately. Im over a year and a half and i don't want to plateau. So i have just been thinking about what i can do better or what i should stop doing so i can be a better missionary.

Thanks for everything!!
Love you guys!


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