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Elder Smith
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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Pchum Bun--feeling the effects of this holiday! Week #65 10/2/16

Hey fam

This week was a weird one. These past 7 days we have felt the effects of this Holiday. They call it Pchum Bun. Its the biggest Buddhist holiday in Cambodia all focused on their dead ancestors and drinking beer. Lets just say there wasn't a ton of people wanting to learn about our church. We tried to use our time the best we could. Because of the Holiday they sell lots of cool food. I bought 6 snakes for all the Elders. It was way fun watching some pansy Elders put that in their mouth. Nothing like some good peer pressure. 

So my branch right now has a lot of problems. There is an investigation going on with the old branch presidency because they were probably stealing money. So the branch has a lot of less actives now and people who don't trust each other. But we scheduled a meeting with our branch president and we just discussed with each other what we could do to get this branch going again. We decided we need to get an active Elders President and an Active Relief Society president. So this week he will be making the calls. I think we might see improvement these next couple weeks. 

Our investigator Huah still met with us this week. That was way cool. Hes doing really good. Hes following every commandment and really excited to get baptized. I think he will be fully ready in 2 weeks. SO PUMPED. 

I had a really cool experience this week. We had the Family History senior couple come down to kampong cham and start helping members do their family history. I got to translate for the District President again and help him get his family names to be sent to the temple. It felt really cool being able to complete his family. 

In my mission I've had some tough comps. This week was a little fun. Just trying to be patient and finding ways to love. Really praying for some charity this week. I'm going to need it. 

Thailand looks way sick. Way jealous of that ping pong club you guys joined. I'm going to get destroyed when i get home HA. 
I was reading the Liahona and saw one of Grandpa's articles out of the blue. Super cool to read one of grandpa's talks in Khmer. 

Deep fried snake I made all the missionaries try

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