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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Huah is progressing really well! Week #64 9/26/16

Heyy dudes

So yesterday we had a really cool lesson with a potential investigator. It went really well and he really wants to learn more. Because no one knows anything about God or Jesus we get to explain the very basics to him. We taught who God is and Jesus Christ is and how prayer can help us Teaching those kind of lessons are my favorite. Its a privilege honestly. I get to explain to him that he is a child of God. That he has a savior and that he can talk to his Father in Heaven. It was  cool to say the least. Nothing like ending a week with a solid new investigator. He name is Jomraun. 

So these next two weeks is going to be tough. There is a massive holiday called Pchum Bei. Its an anscestoral Buddhist holiday. Pretty much what happens is that no one wants to talk to us and no one comes to church. So it'll be fun to see what happens. Im excited, We might just get to street contact every day. LOVE IT. 

Huah is doing really good. We had a great lesson about true Repentance. He was just eating it up. We might have to wait for his baptism because he might go on a trip but its not for sure yet. His parents are showing some interest so we might be able to start teaching them as well. 

We had a priesthood training meeting on Saturday. I translated for Elder Curtis (the senior couple) it was really funny. Sometimes i forget how new the church is in Cambodia. Lots and lots and lots of things get done wrong. So we taught the very basics. I had to bite my tongue for some of the things that were said. Gotta love it though. Some of them are really trying, but they just done yet quite understand. 

Love all you guys. Those pictures from Denmark and Thailand look way fun. But not as fun as Cambodia...:)

Elder Smith

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