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Elder Smith
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Huah was baptized! 10/17/16 week #67

Well it was a really good week numbers wise. We picked up two new investigators and Huah got BAPTIZED!!! I was stressing pretty bad before. I called all the members i could to remind them we had a baptism and all but 2 said they could come. It was raining so that would make it so NO ONE would come and the water to the baptismal font wasn't pushing out a lot of water. A lot of factors that i had no power over. I was just praying all morning and did everything i could. We went early in the morning to fill up the font and just hoped in would fill in the next three hours. 3 hours later as we left our house it was nothing but sunshine and when we went to the church the font was overflowing with water. I just looked up and smiled. It was so cool. When the meeting started we had like 20 people show up. It was almost too much for me to handle. Literally everything I prayed for happened. It was so cool. It was a great service and the next day he got confirmed. We are going to schedule a interview for him next week with the Branch President so he can get the priesthood and start helping the branch. SO COOL.

We taught Jomruan this week and we set a baptismal date for him. It was a way good lesson. Talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He wants to feel clean again. Such a good guy. 

I went on an exchange with our zone leaders on Friday and we had such a good day. The best part was our final lesson. There is this super cool family that have only been members for about 2 years and are less active. Probably my favorite family here. They are way poor and rent a little room that should only be for like 1 person but there are 6. Anyways we taught about faith and trusting in God and I did the little object lesson with them with the belt and the wood piece that dad gave me. It was a hit. They loved it and totally understood. 2 days later I met the family at church. It was awesome. 

Well lovin life. I love being out in the Provinces. So much fun. I'm growing my pinky nail out now so i can look more Khmer. They grow it out to pick at their ears. I'm not going to cut it until i come home. I'm so excited. 
I think one of the reasons missions are for two years is because if they were only like a year or less people could just endure and not really let it change them. But when you get on your mission and you realize you have 2 YEARS to do this. It forces you to change. Its pretty cool. 
I could never just stop believing in this church. It's so deep in my soul that its kinda just the way I think now haha. 

Well i love you guys. You da best. Have a good week.You and Dad are going to be the answer to so many prayers. Think of how many people are praying to God to help them get an education and a better life. This is so cool!

Well thanks for all the prayers. I'm seeing them every week. Hope Thailand is treating you guys well. 

Elder Smith

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