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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Exchanges in Trash Mountain (from the book "Rent Collector") Week #61 9/4/16

Trash Mountain
Hello Hello

Well this week was full of zone leader stuff. I got to do an exchange at Trash Mountain. It was so gross. People just live in straight trash. Its completely mind blowing. People just walk around with bags trying to find coke cans or glass bottles to give to the recycle places to get money. It's super sad. We were biking along this creek (they call it Poop River) and there were cardboard boxes and wood slabs along the creek so people could walk and not have to step in the water. So we were biking and yes i fell. I got like knee deep on my left leg. I smelt SO bad! And the bad part was it was 9:30 in the morning and we had a bunch of lessons to get to and we were a half hour from the house. So I had to endure. After like 2 hours my foot like started stinging it was crazy. But after a while I got a hose and cleansed myself. 

Vine is doing pretty good. We are still continuing to help him prepare for baptism. its a hard process. But the reward is more than worth it. He had to work on Sunday so he couldn't make it to church which was a bummer but he's still doing good. 

Our new investigator Veejet is doing good too. We talk him the Plan of Salvation and about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Super good lessons. He had tons of questions about Baptism. He's in a really tough situation financially. There is just so much poverty. He sells clams and if he doesn't sell enough, no food or money for the family. The good thing is we have promises from God if we do what He says we will receive Help. God can't lie. 

We are working with 3 less active young men in our branch and all 3 of them came to church yesterday. It was awesome. We had like 6 guys in young men. Haven't had that in forever. 

Elder Tri and I got to teach zone training this week. It went really well. It was a little stressful because My comp and the 2 sister training leaders (the "Zone Leaders" for sisters) are both khmer too. And khmer culture is super lax so they were just kinda ready to wing it haha. BUT I'm not about that, so we made a good plan and it turned out to be really good. I really felt inspired. it was super cool. we had a random sister share for about 10 minutes about how love and charity go hand in hand with misisonary work. She brought the Spirit so well. Not going to lie i teared up a little. It was awesome. 

We are visiting with a really good active family about once a week. We have been teaching them a lot about the temple and how it can bless their family. Its been really cool to answer their questions and see how going to the temple is more important than money or saving up for other things. We are going to help them do some family history this week. So tight. 

Elder Tri is actually becoming one of my favorite companions. Its been super fun. He made some pretty hard core khmer dishes this week. Fried Baby bird and a frog stir fry were the top 2 best. here are some pics.
Sorry i cant emial a lot today. Ill try to be better next week! Just trying to be obediant!

 Love you guys! have fun in Thailand.  elder smith
Fried baby bird
My comp made frog leg stir fry. It was actually really good

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