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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Confusing the word blessing with money...being happier than any rich person. Week #63 9/18/16

Man these weeks are just going by so fast. its way wierd. 

We had a pretty good week. We have a investigator who made some really good descisons so now hes working towards baptism. His name is Huah. Super cool guy. He should get baptized the first week of October if he keeps all of his commitments. Im really excited for him. We had a way good lesson about Baptism and why we need it so we can go to heaven. It went really well. 

So right now our church is this old beat up house. BUT they are building and big new church in the middle of Kampong Cham. So we are doing a big open house party and we are pretty much inviting all of Kampong Cham to attend. So its going to be a party. I'm the oldest missionary in the area so when the senior couples come down and plan stuff they need a translator. And that fell on me. So this week I have been translating a ton helping the Senior Couples get things ready for the big open house. Its been fun helping in different ways. 

There is a new member in my area and her name is Niang. Her husband got baptized like 10- years ago and then went less active. But she just got baptized and its been super cool to hear how the gospel has changed her life. She literally lives in a brick house thats like 10 feet by 10 feet. Its the smallest house ever. Its just her and her husband and her little daughter. I feel like a lot of members in Cambodia confuse the word blessing with money. They get really frustrated and lose faith when their lives kind of stay the same money wise. But she explained that before she got baptized she and her husband would fight all the time becuase they were so poor and she was really thinking of leaving him. But as she started to learn and got baptized she explained her relatoinship changed so much. She told me she is happier than any rich person. It was so cool for me to see her realize those kind of blessings even though shes so poor. LOVE IT. 

I feel like this quote goes perfect with it "The truth of any work can be seen through the blessings that flow from it." As a missionary Ive become a witness to that. Crazy things happen all the time. People really find a way to be happy as they come closer to God. Life just becomes better. 
I have been studying about commandments and sin and things that bring us to God and things that bring us away from Him. We all have our agency for a reason. If we didnt have commandments then we coulndt ever sin. And if we could never sin then we would never think we need deliverance. Breaking a commandment gives us a remorse of consciousness which makes us look for something to help us. I always wonderered why would God give us commandments that he knows we would brake. It seemed like to me He was just making a problem for himself. I didn't understand them. But becuase we have commandments it causes us to turn to something. And once we turn to God, God can turn us into things we could never do by ourself. So when we do something wrong and we turn to God and not to the world, we seek for deliverance or for something to bring us back up. Commandments are things to help us be closer to God. i learned some of this from a book im reading, its way good. 

Love all you guys. You are the best. Hope you guys like Thailand as your new home. Much love. 

Elder Smith
on the island in our area

the untouched world

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