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Elder Smith
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Sunday, October 9, 2016

I just need a bike and a Book of Mormon and anyone's problems can be solved Week #66 10/10/16

hey hey hey

Well Huah came to church and he is progressing really well. We have a Baptismal interview coming up this week so on Sunday we might just get a baptism. SO PUMPED. Also we had a WAY good lesson with Jomraun (our new investigator). We taught the restoration and gave him a Book of Mormon. It was awesome. He really wants to get to know God and find the truth. He couldn't be doing anything better. We will be meeting him tomorrow for another lesson. 

We are working with a couple less actives right now. One of them is Jantoo. Super cool guy just too lazy to come to church. We had a great lesson with him. In Cambodia you work a lot with less actives and the thing that I've noticed the most with these wonderful people is that if you just show up and call them out and invite them back to church nothing will happen. They have to like you and then they will respect what you say. Its been fun getting to know all the different people. So many problems and heart wrenching stories, but the coolest thing is that I can just pull out a little book from my back pack and literally have an answer to anything they say. The Book of Mormon. I don't need anything else. Just a bike and a Book of Mormon and anyone's problems can be solved through the words in the Book. In Khmer you say that's "lowy pram buan" ( cool nine or the coolest thing ever). 

Conference was way good. One of my favorite talks was by the Japanese dude, Yamashita. He talked about being Ambitious for Christ. I love that. Believing in God isn't something that we can just do sitting down. Believing means actively living according with Christ. Ambitious for Christ. 

Well the work here in Kampong Cham is doing good. The new big church is opening in a couple weeks. Its gunna be a party. Love you guys #BeAmbitiousForChrist 

Elder Smith 
Elder Mather and I had a great week together this week
cute little gecko stuck in our sink this morning

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