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Elder Smith
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

I'm learning how important trials are--they help us learn, grow, and apply 2/21/16 Week #33

When your sweat turns brown
Well this week we got the transfer call and every single companionship is staying the same except for me and 1 other companionship haha. So good ole elder chook and I are doing one more together. He will be finishing his mission in 6 weeks.

Well a lot of cool things happend this week. This week was awesome. So lately I've been really praying to get some new investigators. We've been contacting a lot and have been rejected a ton. BUT we were biking a couple days ago and we talked to this one man. He told us we could come back a different day. We came back and shared the restoration with him. Hes 30 and already has 5 kids. His name is Tine. We taught him on this little bamboo bed with coconut trees surrounding us. It was some good scenery. Anyways we got to the first vision part and I started testifying in Khmer, and honestly I've never felt the spirit like that while teaching during my whole mission. It was so cool. I like felt like a missionary right there. Testifying of what I know to be true while having the spirit. It was so incredible. I knew Tine felt it too. He accepted the Book of Mormon and told us he would read it. Man moments like those, you just hop on your bike on fire. Felt so good man.

Last night, I have never felt so cool in my entire life. Literally. So last night we were teaching and we finished and rode past our branch presidents house. They make squatter toilets and they were putting some stuff in a truck. After we helped them for a little Theng (branch president) handed each of us a huge stick of sugar cane. They were like 5 feet long. And the outside layer is like super hard. So we rode off in the night in this way far village on a sketchy dirt road. I was riding my bike one handed and my other hand was carrying this huge long sugar cane stick. Then all of the sudden i hear this pack of dogs, just mobbing towards me, with that like nasty gargle bark dogs make when they want to kill something. Anyways I could barely see them but I knew there were coming. I was about to flip out. So this like of dogs start trying to nip at my feet and then i just started beating the crap out of these dogs with my sugar cane stick. It was so cool. I hit those dogs so hard. One of them just ate it and the other one got knocked out. Ha it was awesome. Nothing like beating up dogs with sugar cane.   Service pays off.  I am grateful the Lord inspired our branch president to give us that 5 foot long sugar cane!!

One more thing,  2 weeks ago we found 3 lost members who now live in Siem Reap but were from Battambang which is like 3 hours away. Anyways one of the guys is just diving back into the gospel. Its so cool. I was riding my bike and saw him on the road sitting in a hammock just reading the Book of mormon. It felt way good knowing that we are having a little impact on him.

Something that I've been studying a lot lately is how we can have the faith and strength to endure. Becuase here in cambodia lots of people get baptized and then just dissapear. They get really upset when something bad happens in their life. Being out in the mission I've really noticed how important trials really are. Its almost why we are here--so we can grow, learn, and apply what we learn. I heard a really good poem about this

Good timber does not grow with ease
the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees
the further the sky, the greater the length
the more the storm, the more the strength
By sun and cold, by rain and snow
In trees and men good timbers grow.

kinda cheesy but i like it. we need tough stuff to grow. We become better people because of them. I love you guys so much. I hope Idaho is doing well. peace out!

elder smith

Our awesome branch mission leader

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