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Monday, March 28, 2016

Faith is confidence in God 3/6/15 Week #35

Well this week was pretty cool.

We have two investigators who are progressing super well. Tie came to church this week and brought his oldest son who is like 8. Tie has 5 kids. He has the cutest family. So pumped for him. He's been reading a lot and has a ton of faith. We taught him about Baptism and he's way pumped to "cleanse his spirit". So if all goes well he should get baptized in 3 weeks.

We have this other guy named Hiang. He's 17 and is super cool. He wants to get baptized but his parents are gone and I think he lives with his grandma. He is getting baptized in like 3 months when he turns 18. This dude is way cool. Just wants to do what is right. He loves the scriptures and teaches me a lot when we teach him.

Funny thing that happened here in Siam Riap is that this 45 year old crazy/hobo lady has pitched her hammock right in front of the chruch. And yesterday she was using the fire hydrant to take a shower. Ha what the heck... she's insane. I think im going to start a hashtag or somehting that says #onlyincambodia.

I've been reading a lot about faith.  I really like how faith is confindence. Makes a lot of sense. I think the hardest thing for some people to realize is that we are just as important as Moses, or Adam or Nephi.  We have the same significane to God. The reason they had those miracles in their life was because of the faith or confidence they had in God. God works after our faith, those prophets learned to overcome the natural tendencey to fear and replace it with courage and confidence.

I've also have been studying about how our prayers can have a big impact on others. They have the power to help people who have lost their way or not doing whats right. When Alma the younger was going about destroying the church he saw an angel and the angel said "For this purpose hve i come to convice thee of the power and authority of God, that the prayers of his servants (his father, the prophet and other good people) might be answered according to thier faith" what if Alma his father and the church members never prayed for him? They might have thought Alma the younger was a lost cause, but they prayed with faith, and because God had mercy on alma the younger and the sons of mosiah thousands were converted through their missionary service. and alma the younger became a prophet of the Lord. Because of the prayers of others Super cool. When we pray with faith for others things will happen if its Gods will.

Shorter email this week, but next week will be better. Peace out

elder smith

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