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Thursday, March 10, 2016

A Simple Heartfelt Prayer Week #31 2/7/16

Well something way cool happened this week. So a problem in Cambodia is that we have a TON of members and we have no idea where they are. There aren't really addresses here.  So they are just lost. We were riding our bikes down this random dirt path and there were these 2 thirty year old guys fixing motor bikes. One of them yelled Elders so I stopped and started talking to them. Turns out they are members who got baptized 8 years ago in Battambang. I talked to them for like 20 minutes and they were like the coolest dudes ever. They said they didnt know where the church was, but wanted to go. The next day they showed us their "house"and we met their mom who is a member too. It was so awesome. And one of the guys came to church last week. If we get these two guys active again its going to help this branch a ton. So cool.

The Cambodia language is going pretty well. I can teach all the lessons and can talk with anyone, buuuutttt once they start talking it starts getting rough. Ha the people here just have the thickest accents and speak so fast. Ha sometimes my native comp cant understand. But its getting better. Learning khmer is starting to like be way fun.

So there is this member who lives about a 5 hour bike ride away. Shes this little old lady who lives in this secluded village. We rode a tuk tuk there and it took about 2 hours. After we taught her she asked the member we took with us to pray, and Cambodian prayers are like the best thing ever, they are just so simple. heres how it went, she asked God to help her Pig be healthy, she asked for good health, enough food and a happy life, thats it. Thats all she needed. Ha it was awesome.

Thank you so much for fasting and praying. I know its helping me. There have been a couple times where I almost just about flipped out ha. Thank you so much. I know its helping.

 Our investigators our doing good. This week was chinese new year and they love that here so none of them came to church, but most of them read and follow their commitments which is good. We picked up this single 40 year old man the other day. He seems like he just wants to find out why Jesus Christ is important, but I think he has some really good potential. I think on average people are better off here, but there are still tons of super poor people. Begging and living in bad conditions. The sisters just baptized this girl who is 18, both of her parents died, she has two little siblings she takes care of and she sells eggs at the market every day.  All the  missionaries here each buy ten eggs per week-- its super fun.
Every person we talk to pretty much has only heard weird rumors about Jesus and knows nothing. Its hard for them to understand there are over 1000 different churches ha. Its fun. You just teach from the ground up.

Well the Siem Reap life is going good. Living with a native is always an adventure to say the least. Doing work and serving God. I love it. I love this Country and I love this Church and how much it helps these people to be happy. Peace out


On our way to an investigators house

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