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Elder Smith
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Monday, August 31, 2015

I Stand All Amazed Week #8

 The three Eagle boys called to serve!!

Just some dear friends at BYU who "happened" to take a walk to the temple on Sunday and saw these cute Elders...I'm sure that made his day :)

Hey fam,

Looks like everybody is doing awesome. The funeral looked like it was really neat. I'm super bummed I couldnt be there with you guys. Grandpa was amazing. He's definitely going to be helping all of us through our lives. I know it. Thanks for sending those pics. Hey mom try to read Mosiah 23:21-22. It talks about how even when people are doing exaclty what they need they get trials and hard things thrown at them. The whole chapter is awesome. Also if you have time go on LDS.org and watch the refiners fire video. AMAZING story. Its so good. Mom I've thought a lot about you this week. I love you. I hope you're doing good. You're amazing. 

This week was super cool. We have these "Investigators" we teach everyday and one of them finally got "baptized". It wasn't real at all, but it made me so pumped after asking someone to commit to baptism. It was so awesome. I have like 8 days left and its for REAL. Crazy stuff!

I read this amazing talk the other day by Jeffrey R. Holland. Its called "I Stand All Amazed" Its was sooo good. It talks about how the Atonement isnt just for what we think it is. Totally gives you a new perspective on how important and amazing the sacrifice Jesus chose to take part in. Im so grateful for Him and what He did for all of us. Its a gift that just keeps on giving. 

Also if any of you guys get kinda bored, look up the video "Hope of God's light" Super good video on how the Lord is always there for us. Its on the YouTube and Lds.org

Fun Fact: If you "pass gas" on someone in Cambodia you tell that person you hate them with a burning passion, you want to never see them again, and you leave a bad omen. And If you "pass gas" on a family member you pretty much tell them you will never see them again. So think twice brothers, just saying. 

It's wierd to think about how I only have one more week. We were talking to one of our teachers and we asked him if we could like do something cool or party our last day here. He said we could, but asked us a question. He said yeah it would be fun and Im not saying its bad, but try to see if you can make this week your best week and hit the ground running when you land In Cambodia. I was kinda bummed, but Its so true. I loved how he said it. Its time to work hard right now. It gets really hard sometimes, but I know you guys are praying for me and its making all the difference. I love you ALL! 

Thank you so much Steeds, Mom and Dad, and Kim Christensen for the packages. I loved it so much! You guys are awesome!!

My address at the mission home if you would like to write me a letter is:
Elder Samuel Hilbig Smith
Cambodia Phnom Penh Mission
House 2B, Street 222
Off Norodom Blvd. 
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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