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Friday, August 7, 2015

Be Still and Know that I am God Week #4

I dont ever know how to start these things so I'm just going to break it right in. I've been kind of down under the weather this past week. One kid got sick in our district and the next day half of us got sick. But my room mate had some nyquil and i thought it would make me feel better, so he gave me some pills to take and they were like mini golf balls I swear. Biggest pill i ever did see. I told him that if i would take it, i would puke it up without a doubt. He started making fun of me, so for some reason I attempted to swallow. 5 seconds later my chest cavity started flipping out and the next second I was puking for like 5 minutes straght. My roomates were laughing so hard there were crying. I looked behind me and started laughing too, so i was puking and laughing. NASTAAAY combo let me tell you. But im fine now so its alllll good.

So the new Console General of Thailand is coming to our hallway this week to see why his country has been giving all these visas to a bunch of 18 year old kids, so we have been told to be on our best behavior, because if he has a good experience the church might get more visas or something. Super cool though.

One of the counselors in my branch presidency is named Brother Weaver. Total stud. Love him. He told us last night to pray to God and ask him how awesome he thinks we are. I thought it was really kinda odd, but I did it and I just felt this love and gratitude for the life I have been given. It was so cool to ask God how he thinks of me. Never really done that before. So i challenge all you guys to pray and ask God, how awesome he thinks you are. Cause you are all truly amazing.

 We taught again in TRC the other day and had a sweet experience talking to this Japenese woman who speaks khmer. We learn the language every day and I forget why I'm here sometimes. When we talked to this woman and taught her a lesson about how important personal revelation is in our lives, I realized that missionaries are here just to help. We're here to make peoples lives better by serving them, inviting them to Christ, being a friend, and helping them understad they are loved. The Spirit does all the work for us. The language is important, but helping people is the key.

We get a lot of personal study time and I just eat it up . Never thought I could study the scriptures for 2 hours straight but I guess it's possible. Its so cool to study the scriptures for someone else. You get a whole new perspective. We have "investigators" here and its so sweet to read a scripture and realize that would help that person. Makes studying that much more meaningful.

A scripture I heard this week has stuck with me a lot. I dont remember what it was, but it says "BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD." Sweet and simple but it has a lot of meaning. Sometimes we need to just relax. Just realize that God has a role in our life. We can always improve and be better, but when we stress over things that are out of our hand, it just puts stress in our life we dont need. Be still and know that it will work out. God knows. He always has.

I love all of you guys. Thank you so much for all that you do!

Darcy!!! Thank you so much for the several packages. My roomates dont know you but they love you all the same. Thank you for sending all those packages and cards. It made my day!
Thank you Demordaunts for the package too! I ate all of them! Cord and Amy thank you so much for the cinnamon rolls. They were delicious! Jared and Tiff! You guys are amazing. I ate like 5 donuts the other day. And no Jared I haven't started balding yet, but there are some guys here in the MTC who are, and it definitely scares me a little! Ha thanks everyone for all the love. It really makes my day!!
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