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Monday, August 24, 2015

"Everything we need to be a good missionary we learned in Sunbeams" Week #7

Hey fam,
How's everybody doing?? Hearing the news about Grandpa passing away made me feel so sorry for everyone. It was really frustrating knowing how much pain everybody was in and not being able to do anything about it. I couldn't do anything or reach out to anyone. I love Grandpa so much. He was such an amazing example to everyone. He made every single person feel important. Such an amazing legacy he left behind. I am proud to wear the Hilbig name.

This week has been really good and It actually went by pretty fast. It felt good. We learned a lot and got a lot done. We were all feeling really good about the language a couple days ago, and I think our teachers felt it. They put on a conference talk in Khmer and boy we learned really fast how little we know. Kid you no I understood like 5 words. I have a ton of work to do. 

We had a lesson given to us and our teacher told us "Sometimes we complicate missionary work way too much. Everything we need to be a good missionary we learned in Sun Beams. Following Jesus, being a good friend, serving, and just being happy is all we need. Everything else is just extra credit." It's so true. People are attracted to people who are positive and who have the Light of Christ in them. 

Also I want to give a special S/O to the Eagle 3rd Ward young women. Thanks for those cards! Means a lot! 

We had priesthood and an elder shared an awesome scripture. Its D&C 128:24. It talks about how Jesus Christ is like a refiner. The Elder explained that Jesus isnt trying to change everything about us while we're here. We've all been given different talents and gifts. God refines our abilities and makes them perfect. A refiner doesnt change the whole object, just makes it more useful and more beautiful. If we let Jesus shape us we will become the person he needs us to be and share the gospel with the people who need it.

Here in the MTC I've learned so many things. The people who teach us everyday are just amazing. Not going to lie the mission life can be hard sometimes. Its draining. Day in and day out. The same thing all the time (at least in the MTC), but its all for something way more important than our own desires!!

I love you all. 

P.S. I saw Chandler and it was amazing.


Sam's last goodbye to his grandpa before going into the MTC that day...

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