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Elder Smith
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Monday, August 24, 2015

"We receive no witness until after the trial of our faith" Week #6

Well to start this email off I'm just going to start off by saying that I think I'm starting to go insane. I'm losing it. I haven't left this place for like 6 weeks and I'm finally feeling the effects of it, Just pray I wont go berserk.... (eminem reference just for you momma).

I hit the alphabet hard this week. I've memorized all the constants, sub-constants, and vowels because God loves me. No other way I could do that. There's still like 20 rules I have to memorize but those can wait, It took me about 20 minutes to read the first firse in the Book of Mormon, but I did it and sounded hard core asian so that was awesome. 

We learned some stuff about our mission. Apparently not a lot of the huts/houses we will be teaching have doors so we just yell "ooie!" and they come out. #coolesdoorbellever And apparently they have a tarantula festival in Cambodia. Every one just eats spiders all day. SO DOPE.

The first counsler in our branch presidency (there's like 60 people in our branch) got released and guess who replaced him. PRESIDENT MOON. He just got back from being the mission prez in Cambodian like a month ago. Our district was so siked! He and his wife are awesome!

So our district played this get to know you game yesterday and it was the funniest thing ever. Elder Rom (the cambodian elder) had some funny stuff. Well apparently he used to be a monk when he was younger!! So sick. His mom made him do it. Coolest thing ever. I guess in Georgia theres a ton of temples or something. He's also a semi pro martial arts dude. He's made quite a bit of money fighting. So sick. Kung fu buddha in the flesh. 

Now on to more important stuff, I figured out something this past week that I've kind of been struggling with. Before I came here I thought since I would be a missionary I would be able to feel the spirit whenever I wanted. Like It would be in a water bottle and I could just drink it whenever I wanted. The first couple nights I would pray for a really long time and like nothing would happen. I was really confused. I was a missionary... I should be able to feel it and have a insane burning testimony, but as the days went by I felt like I was losing faith. It was so weird, but I decided that wouldn't effect me. I loved God because of who HE is. I started to really study the scriptures. I just read and read and read. Studied Preach my Gospel and prayed prayed prayed. Because I wasn't feeling the spirit I either could choose to be mad or I could try to prove to God that I really really wanted to feel his love for me.  Sometimes the Lord might withhold it just for a little, to make us choose for ourselves if we really do want it. When you pray for the spirit  and don't feel anything dont get dicouraged. Learn from it. It took me like 5 weeks to figure it out. When we show God how committed we are he will bless us. I know it. I have been so blessed with the Spirit since this experience. "We receive no witness until after the trial of our faith." We believe first and then God will manifest it to us. 

I love all of you guys. Thanks for everything!! 

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