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Elder Smith
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Monday, July 27, 2015

Saviors on Mount Zion Week #3

Elder Smith and his new super cute short haircut!

Whats up peeps. Just to start off this E-mail in a awesome manner, one of the main star wars languages is just Cambodian played backwards... So that means I will be tri lingual in a way when I get back! So sick! 

Well a couple days ago my companion and I went to the TRC (its where volunteer/members come and we "home-teach" them, we both speak cambodian) and we had to talk in all khmer, I was so nervous and really didnt want to mess it up. I was praying so hard before for the Lord to help me, and boy let me tell you HE did. Elder Denkers and I gave an entire lesson in Khmer for 20 minutes straight. I was blown away. It wasnt all grammatically correct, but we were speaking KHMER and the dude totally understood us. When we left the room we were on cloud nine. Its probably been my favorite experience so far in the MTC. I've learned more Khmer is 3 weeks than the 2 years of spanish i took in high school. Only becuase the Lord has blessed me, cause there is no way that was me. Thats for sure. 

Well one of the Elders in my dorm is kinda a clean dude, so Elder Riches and I sowed a piece of floss that was like 10 feet long to his pillow and then we started pulling it, and literally he like flipped out., He thought there were spiders of somehing in his bed. I was dying. He was frieked out but realized it was a joke. Funny stuff.

We had a devo yesterday by an Area Seventy and he said something that was really profound. He said" You elders have signed up to be Saviors on Mount Zion". It hit me like a rock. there were like 2 thousand missionaries in the room and we all felt the power he was saying. He said our responbibilty is a lot bigger than we think. Its time to grow up and find the people the Lord needs in his church. One of the best talks Ive ever heard. 

If any of you guys arent busy I would recommend looking up Alma 26:27-29 its about how the sons of mosiah went through some really tough stuff but never gave up. Its awesome.

its so crazy to see how much you learn in such a short amount of time. The Lord truly does love us and he wants all of us to grow and FRIENDship with him. He's such a good guy. I've really come to know that. This church is true and I'm so stoked to be apart of it. Khnom str3lang all of you guys.


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