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Elder Smith
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Transfer week! week #57 8/7/16

Well transfer calls were last night. Some good news and some bad news, Elder Medley and I will be parting ways. I'm way sad. He's definitely one of my favorite comps. So chill. BUT i got a call and i will be the new zone leader in the city. South Zone is the biggest zone in Cambodia so im a little nervous. I though I was going to train but being a zone leader is going to be tight. BUUUT my new comp is a little difficult. Im not going to lie hes a twin of Elder Chhouk. There are 3 famous super difficult missionaries in the mission  Elder Chhouk and Elder Try are on the top 3.  Its going to be a adventure to say the least. 

But im just going to love this man. Hes going to feel way wierd becuase of the amount of love that im going to bestow upon him. His life is going to be amazing. im taking this as a challenge. 

So we met Rith this week and he told us he completly stopped coffee and tea! Hes done he said and he just wants to get baptized! It was a sick lesson. If all goes well he should get baptized in 3 or 4 weeks. I'm way pumped for him, 

Church was awesome today. We had 4 investigators and we picked up two new investigators that are way good. we had over a hundred people come in our branch! Elder Medley and I had two goals this transfer- we wanted to get 20 lessons twice and over a 100 people at church twice and we did it. It was awesome. When i first got here it wasn't that good at all. So its been fun seeing the area grow in numbers:) The work is coming along. I'm really starting to love this area. The members are awesome and we got some really good investigators. 
Cant believe you guys are moving to Thailand! it looks like the Lords hand is in it all the way. Im so pumped for you guys. That's going to be one way cool adventure--I'm all in.  I'm way jealous, but Cambodia is way cooler so whatever . Love you dudes. Thanks for the prayers! 
Cambodians are really good artists

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