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Elder Smith
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

I think he is starting to realize that what we are teaching is actually "real" and that God will really help him. 8/14/16 week #60

Dear Fam

Such a good week. So that family that we contacted last week we started teaching them this week. Actually just the husband is learning right now because his wife is busy but its a good start. His name is Veejet. Super down to earth guy who has 3 little kids and trying to make a living for his family. They literally live in a tin tree house over this super polluted river. Its a tough neighborhood but with some really good people. After we taught him the restoration we met him two days later and wanted to share the Plan of Salvation with him but we felt like prayer is what he needed to hear. He had lots of questions about it. At the end of the lesson he started talking and just started smiling. He was like ever since we have met each other that first time you talked to me little amazing things have been happening in my life. Nothing big just little things all the time. I think he is starting to realize that what we are teaching is actually "real" and that God will really help him. SO COOL. 

Also we taught Bong Rit again. The past two weeks he has been super busy because he has been preparing to apply to a special scholarship to get his PHD is France. He prayed way hard and he got it! It was huge for him. Super cool, the bummer is that he is moving to France in Ocotber. We dont want him to get baptized and then just leave to France so we decided it would be best for him to get baptized in France. So we will continue to teach him and give him over to the Elders in France when he moves. 

Vine is doing way good. He is coming to church every week and is becoming friends with the young men. Its way cool. I think he will be ready to get baptized in about 3 weeks. SO PUMPED. 

Sunday morning we went to visit my favorite active member family in the branch. The Ngin family. Super awesome. We were sitting down talking to the mother and her son came down and was messing with his mom. It was way funny. Then she went into another room and pulled out this bamboo stick and was chasing her kid around trying to wack him with the stick. She gave up and sat next to me and said Elder I really don't want to be sealed to a kid like that. Ha it was awesome. Good stuff. 

Also some good news, our branch might become a ward in the future. Its really progressing. Super awesome. 

Hope you guys have a អស្ចារ្យ week. 

Elder Smith
 Super cool dude. His name is Sunday.
My Cambodian brothers

Went to Wat Phnom for P day

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