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Elder Smith
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Thursday, September 1, 2016

A very weird but great week! 7/24/16 Week #55

Well this week... There have been better HA

Well on Tuesday night i woke up at like 2 in the morning with this insane sharp pain in my stomach and 5 minutes later i was downstairs having everything inside my body leave with great force. It was terrible. I tried to go back to my room, cause thats the only room in the house that has any sort of AC but as soon as i would walk upstairs i would have to go back to the bathroom and throw up. It was way hot so i just took my shirt off and laid on the tile in my bathroom trying to smack the ants that were crawling on me and feeling sorry for myself and trying to cool off. One of the worst nights of my life not going to lie ha. Got like no sleep at all. But after like 5 hours of just dying it quickly went away. I have no idea what I ate, but this body did not like it. 

Buuut Bong Rit came to church yesterday and he brought a friend. It was awesome. He really enjoyed it and is progressing slowly but surely. It was really cool to explain everything we do. He was really interested. Hes such a cool guy. 

On Friday elder medley and I were late to a meeting so we went down this bridge and were hauling on our bikes. Im talking like Gear 3 and gear 8 status. I was going way fast, and then this dude totally cut me off way bad and there i went. Sliding on the road. I pretty much had to just ditch my bike and jump off it. nothing i could do. I tried to land on my shoulder and back and it worked really well. My hand and elbow have some good road rash but i was wearing my helmet so i was safe. That new backpack totally saved me, didnt get anything on my back ahah. There was like a group of like 80 people that came over to me. The guy just drove away way fast and didn't do anything. The bike is ok, just a couple scrapes. So this week was weird but it was also way good. 

I found some really good qutoes that i have been studying a lot lately

"Righteousness is simply a humble understanding of how unrighteous one is, coupled with a deep commitment to be better."

"The difficulty of life itself is a blessing. For it initiates a desire within us to come to the Lord."

"Circumstances that invite us toward Christ are blessings to us spiritually even if they are challenges to us physically."

Love you guys! 

This is where we do all of our shopping. This lady hooks me up way good.

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