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Elder Smith
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Diving into Khmer culture! Week #58 8/14/16

Elder Try picking some mango's for us

Massive tree in our area

Well new comp and some new investigator. Transfers were this week and I got my new Companion. Elder T. I had probably 10 missionaries tell me how bad my life was going to be. There are some pretty crazy stories of this dude but with me We got along really well the first day. We''re having a lot of fun together. I lived in the same house with one of his friends who is serving as well in Siam Riap I guess he emailed Elder T and told me i was cool. Elder T said his friend likes me so he likes me too., Little tender mercy comin from Elder T's friend. 

So last week i think i talked about a guy named Vine. Hes 20. We got him to start being friends with the young men and the Young mens president is being super nice to this guy. Vine is getting fellowshipped really well. He's progressing quickly and has been to church for the past two weeks all 3 hours. I'm really excited for him. I think we might just get a baptism in a couple weeks. So pumped. 

Bong Rit is preparing for his PHD presentation this week so we didn't get to meet him so that was a bummer but we talked to him on the phone and he still has the same desires as before which is good:) 

My comp and I have been trying to help the young men and Elder T is way good at it. There is this one kid named Liab and Elder T totally got him to come to church. Elder T just invited him to learn with us and really became his friend I guess sometimes you just need some khmer to khmer love. 

Well since i have a khmer comp now im diving hard in the culture agian. Rice for every meal. Speaking khmer all day and trying to learn some funny phrases they say a lot. One of my favorites is "The old cow eats fresh grass" Thats when a old man has a young wife. Super funny.

Sorry guys i dont have a lot of time to email now. I will try to email faster next week. Im so pumped for you guys moving to THAILAND. Thats insane. You guys are going to have a ton of fun. Dont have to much fun while im gone haha. Brandon i miss you. I want your hair. I miss long hair. you look beatuful. Tyler my main man. Thats aweosme you made it to the temple. Miss that wonderful heavenly place so much. Keep kiling it and having fun. Try to jump off the highest bridge in horseshoe bend. Ashton you look good as ever with that hat. I might have to wear it when I get home.  you da best. I miss your laugh so much. Charlotte....... you got your ears pierced! Thats crazy. I bet you weren't even scared. I would have been. When i get my ears pierced whe i get home you wil have to help me.. ha just kidding. Make sure you catch a monkey in thailand for me so we can have a pet monkey. 
Well this area aint easy but we're making the best of it. Loving life and working hard.
love you dudes so much. best family ever

អែលឌើរ ស្ម៊ីធ

Love, Elder Smith

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