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Elder Smith
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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The work is going good. Its everything but easy, but you can still find something good. Week #59 8/21/16

I was riding my bike a couple days ago and i saw a guy on the ground dead. He got shot in the face. Never seen anything like that before ever. It was nuts. 

This week was pretty good. It really helps having a native explain things. Elder Try knows a ton and knows the lessons really well. Since he is Khmer he can explain things very easily. Hes been helping a lot. 

Elder Try and I are gettting along way good. His mom is a famous cook and she taught him some really good dishes. I just let him cook and let him buy everything then i just give him money and do the dishes. My new favorite khmer food is Chaa kdau. Straight fire. Spicy but way good. Limes, peanuts, chicken, peppers, lemongrass, morning glory, and tons of khmer spice. Aint nothin better. Thats the first thing you guys should eat if you go to Cambodia. 

So we had a really good lesson with Vine this week. We scheduled him to get baptized on Sept 17 and hes all in so im super exicted. BUT we have to teach him the Word of Wisdom and thats a huge deal breaker for guys in Cambodia. The only way you can have friends is if you drink. Its a big change. But he can do it. 

We got another new investigator this week. His name is Tee. We shared the Restoration and had tons of questions it was awesome. At the end we had him read Moroni's promise and we asked him how he felt reading a promise that comes from God and he just said "I feel way excited now."" It was sick. We plan on meeting him tomorrow. It should be fun. 

We were street contacting a couple days ago in a SUPER poor area. The locals  call it the "Stinky River" Its horrid. Theres so much trash that we couldnt bike through it so we had to walk with our bikes. No one was interested and then i looked to my right and saw this dude holding his baby with his other kid on his lap and his wife next to him playing with the baby. I just stopped and was like this couldnt get any more perfect, we talked to them gave them a Book of Mormom and told them we have a special lesson for their family. We checked on them yesterday but they were busy but he said he has read 8 chapters already. We haven't taught them yet, but im way excited. 

The work is going good. Its everything but easy, but still you can find something good. I read a super good quote and im been thinking about it a lot lately,

"If he would seek the real purpose of life, the individual must live for something higher than self." its by David O Mckay. Sounds a little like Buddha though. I love it. 

I love all you guys. I love this Church. And I love God. 

in khmer culture when we leave a house  you always say in khmer " Please be healthy and happy.  So loved ones please be healthy and happy. There are so many reasons why. 
Gotta love the traffic

The modern way to dry your clothes in cambodia

អែលឌើរ ស្ម៊ីធ
Elder Smith

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