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Elder Smith
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Monday, June 27, 2016

Saw some crazy stuff and had some cool experiences Week #50 6/26/16

 Well this was a pretty good week, saw some crazy stuff and had some cool experiences. We had transfer calls and Elder Medley and I are doing one more transfer together which means I am probably training next transfer which will be a blast. Last week i talked about this family that we contacted and this week we met with them at their house. Man they are poor. Their kids dont live with them, they are living at the construction site where they work. It was humbling. We rode our bikes through these houses and had like 50 people staring at us. Super tough area. But we found their house and had a great lesson with them. Some other people seemed interested too. It was cool to see. We will meet them again tomorrow. Im really excited.

The coolest part about this mission is the opportunity we have to introduce who Jesus Christ is to people. we usually start our first lesson with them by explaining who God and Jesus Christ are and then teach them how to pray. As lessons progress on i see someone who at the beginning just prays to an idea, but over time they start praying to their REAL Father in Heaven. Its so awesome.

This week was good. As we were riding our bikes under the bridge i saw this dude dragging a rope across the road over his shoulder. Like 15 feet later there was a dead dog. He was just dragging it to his house for dinner.  no one cared. It was totally normal.  Also we had this lady almost kiss my comp as we were teaching a less active member. Funny stuff. Cambodia is treating me well. Everything is going well. I love the people here.

Love you dudes

Elder Smith
This is my main man Khon (cone)--he used to have 7 cats but has eaten a couple of them
Rainy season has begun!
could there be anything better than my favorite candy bar turned into cereal?? 

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