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Elder Smith
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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Built a member's house this week! Week #48 June 13, 2016

Good week.

To start this off We had a way good/tough lesson with bong rhith yesterday. We gave him the Word of Wisdom and Law of Chastity lesson. I was pretty nervous, because he talked about some problems he has. We started explaining about how essential prophets are to Gods church and if we dont have them, then we cant have His church. And that through Prophets we recieve commandments and scripture. As we explained what we need to do and what we cant do you could see that he was a little uncomfortable. He had lots of questions which was good, but as we talked for a while, he has to make some big changes if he wants to get baptized. He lives with his girlfriend and has some other issues, so right now bong rhit could use some prayers. Hes such a cool dude. In khmer you say "That brother has a good heart" The spirit is always willing but the flesh is weak. hopefully he will make the right decision. We committed him to Pray and ask if these Commandments came from men or God. So we will see what happens in a couple days.

We were contacting along the road one day and we came across this one dude named Pu ta. He's super friendly and pretty interested. We will have to see how it turns out.

This week we got to go help a member build his house. It was so cool. It was just this guy some members and his brothers helping build his house. How cool would if be if Americans did that. So we almost finished all of the cement stilts that are like 15 feet tall. It was super cool. I think eventualy i will come back here and buy some land and make my own house here. It would be way cool.

MIssionary work is not easy, its fulfilling and so much fun, but man some days its just hard ha. But it feels good at the same time. Cambodia is my new home. I love this place. I hope one day all of you will be able to visit the asian promise land. its the best.

love you dudes

elder smith
Map to an inactive house that a previous elder made-let the adventure begin!

Doing some service in Phnom Penh


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