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Elder Smith
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Monday, January 11, 2016

Transfer week! I'm headed to Siem Riep and way excited Week #27

Kampong Cham Zone

Our mission is splitting! Vietnam is leaving us. Its just going to be the Cambos now. It’s super cool. Also I got a call last night and I am leaving Prae Choo. They're sending me to Siem Riep. Its the place where all the way dope temples are. I’m super stoked. My new comp is cambodian. So Im not going to be speaking any English for the next couple months. Im way stoked. Im so sad to leave this place. It almost has like a little "home" feeling to it. My comp right now is the best. Siem Riep is going to be awesome though. Apparently the branch I am in has a ton of just awesome people. I’m way excited to meet all of them.]

So last week Sophal got baptized and the DAY after she went out to sell watermelons, and BOOM she sold 440 flipping watermelons. She was so happy she sold so many. She was just on fire. So cool to see how God will help people who will just show a little faith. I love it. She's doing way good. 

Something funny about Prae Choo is that no one is educated. They think every person from America is Black. When we tell them we're from America they don’t believe us. It’s hilarious. Also the only two people they have ever heard from America is Obama and the beloved WWE WRESTLING CHAMPION of the world.. John Cena. They love that dude here. Ha its aweseome.

Life is going swell. The language is getting better. I say the dumbest things all the time. But the people here are way encouraging which makes it fun. I love all you dudes! Thanks for the early birthday wishes!

Love elder smith

We found this way cool/sketchy roller derby place. We had to try it
Played football and soccer behind a Cambodian High School

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