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Elder Smith
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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sophal was baptized! Week #25

Hey doodes!

Well this week was dang good. Sophal got baptized! It was so awesome. Our area doesnt have a font to baptize people so we grabbed a van on the road and went to the "city" of Kampong Cham. It was so cool. When we were taking pictures there was this little eight year old girl who was ready to be baptized. Ha no one knew, but her Mom wanted her to get baptized, so I had the sacred privledge to baptize sophal and this little daughter of God. It was awesome. After someone gets baptized the new convert stands in the front of the church, and everyone stands in a line to congratulate them. Its such a good way for them to feel loved. Sophal was crying pretty hard towards the end. After everything was done, i realized this is why I am here! That moment right there is the reason I am doing this. Seeing PURE joy is what makes it all worth it. Not happiness that lasts for a day or two, but lasting happiness. SO DOPE.

So the other day I was talking to one of our members whos 16. He's like the coolest dude ever. And a total lady killer too. His name is Money. Anyways we saw him eating some dog the other day and hes going to hook us up this week. I'm way stoked. Its goin to be good.

So a couple days ago we didnt really have a ton of stuff planned so we decided to go contacting in an area that we've never gone too. So we just grabbed our bikes and  biked way deep into these villages. It was awesome. I just love seeing these people's faces when they see us. Eiether straight fear, or complete shock. Good stuff. Anyways we got pretty deep into this area and we started talking to this lady. Turns out shes a christian and used to drive like an hour every week to go to church. Shes way cool. She's going to be a sweet new investigator.

Well my new years was way LAME not going to lie. Ha but i here chinese new year in cambodia is way bumpin so i just got a wait a little longer.

Sophal, Elders Neuberger and Smith

Teaching our recent convert, Puu Mao, how to do sit-ups. He said he wanted to get in shape.

When we get to eat rice again :)

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