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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nothing crazy this week, but we got "half transferred" Week #16

Well well compared to every other week here in Cambodia this week was actually not that crazy. It was kinda nice not going to lie. No near death experiences this week, but we did kill two rats 1 mouse and a frog in our house so that was exciting.

Moving Day

Elder Brewer and I were in two areas: KC and Prae Choo. We got a call and got half transferred. We would only be in Prae Choo for about 2-3 days per week, but now we're there all day err day. Its one of the prettiest areas, but man this area is struggling. We have about 67 members baptized and confirmed but only 12 people showed up to church. This place has very few educated people. Every single person is poor and not a whole lot of people can read. This area was only set as its own area like a year ago, its just a baby. Elder Brewer and I have to hold it and care for it because it poops its pants and throws up on itself a couple times a day. Let me tell you why...

In this place pretty much everybody knows everybody. There's a whole lot of gossip in this place, and the people here are just really really gullible. The other day we were teaching a recent convert and she said this other recent convert and her husband were going around telling people that the church is corrupt, that we take peoples money, and the group leader gets 500 bucks a month. Also there's a ton of other wierd rumors about our church like we can't cry at our parents funerals and stuff. So we had to go around and talk to people they talked to and tell them it wasn't true. It's kinda difficult when you have members proselyting against the church. 

Buuuttt I do have some good news. We were teaching this recent convert named Borrae (shes super awesome, shes like 16 only member and literally does everything on her own) she told us she had some referrals. We taught them about God and how to pray and so we got 11 new investigators this week. We're super siked! We're also teaching this lady named kuntthia. Shes progressing super fast and read like three pages from the Book of Mormon which was a first for me to have an investigator that we found that actually read. 

I think it was thursday we came into our house and it was dark, i walked into the kitchen and i felt like two things crawling on my foot. I did like one of those girl screams you hear in a movie when a lady sees a mouse and i just kicked my foot and turned on the lights. There were a couple mice running a round and Elder Brewer grabbed a stick and i grabbed a broom. We totally killed one it was so awesome. The day before that we went in our house and it just smelled horrid. Our house usually smells bad since its 6 inches away from a bunch of pigs, but this was different. I said it smelled like dead rat and we looked into a bucket half full of water and there were two dead rats floating. I think we have like a Ratatouiie problem in our house or something.   

We dont have a shower or a toilet here in Prae Choo, just a squatter but its fun out here. We're just all alone. All we have is the Lord. I've been thinking a lot about this quote and I think it explains exactly what we need to do here "Pray like everything depends on the Lord, and work like everything depends on you." We have a ton do do here and I'm pumped. Love and miss you guys. Suu Suu (fight on)


our kill

One of the mice that made me scream like a little girl

Just a little bike ride through the countryside to an appointment

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