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Monday, November 23, 2015

"For my arm is lengthened out all the day long, saith the Lord." Week #19

Well to start this off, like an hour ago I just ate some soup with coagulated pig blood. It actually wasn't to shabby. Just squishy like some Jell-o.

Ok so the Cambodian food finally got me. I got sick this week. Like my stomach was flipping out. You know when you work out and then you have a muscle that will like twitch or like flip out, my stomach was doing that. Like it was moving and i thought i had something living inside me and it didnt feel good, like at all. Threw up all morning. Worst stomach ache ever, but luckily it only lasted for like a day so we're all good... hopefully.
Cool thing, I finally memorized the first vision in Khmer. I'll send a pic of it, it took forever. But its in my brain now, so I can use it in some lessons. I'm way stoked.

Our golden investigator right now, Sophal is doing pretty good. She sells watermelons and on monday she sold 150  and was was super happy, and she shared how she knows its because of God. Shes awesome. I'm way excited for her. She's so much happier.
So dally's mom (dally is 11 and shes a little Cambodian angel) is done with the church and apparently is way annoyed with us and thinks we're trying to steel her money. idk why.. The past week she wasnt letting dally get baptized and dally said she would chew her out if she saw her reading the scriptures, Buuut at church she came up to me and grabbed my hand and asked "when can I enter Jesus becuase her mom said its ok". It was like the cutest/humbling thing ever. She's amazing and just has a sweet spirit about her. Such a cool little girl.

So this week I have been carrying the phone and making all the appointments (it has been rough to say the least). And one night we were on this sketchy pot hole infested road and the phone fell out of my pocket. So i stopped and it was pitch black and i had no lights so i tried to find it. There was a black object on ground so i grabbed it. And it didn't feel like a phone, but more like soggy bread. Yes, it was poop. And yes it was fresh and warm.

So we went to that really pretty village that was like 3 miles away the other day and the coolest thing happened. We were riding our biked and saw this white dude out of nowhere. I have never seen a white person is Prae Choo let alone 3 miles into the jungle. Turns out there is an orphange and there were like 12 volunteers. Its the coolest place ever. Just in the middle of rice fields and theres this christian orphanage. Im totally living there for a little and volunteering there. It was called new hope.

So on Sunday we had 24 people show up. Pretty good. Almost double from what we had when we first came here.  And our group leader started the meeting and then said i was giving another talk. Ha so 2 minutes later i was up on the stand. I think it went well, people started zoning out after like 20 seconds ha, oh well. One of our investigators in this 17 year old dude who came to church. He was the last one to take the sacrament and so he just took a huge handful of bread, ha it was hilarious.

It was a good week. Made a lot of mistakes in the language, but learned a lot. In 2 Nephi 28:32 it says "...for mine arm is lengthened out all the day long, saith the Lord". Honestly is all on us. We decide if we want to be happy or not. The best way is through our Heavenly Father. He's there for us and always will be. We will love life more, our outlook on this life will be better, and we will just feel better. All good things come from Him. His arm will always be there to embrace us, we just have to walk up to Him. I love you guys!

the first vision in khmer that I finally memorized
 Fishing with a bamboo stick
 playing volleyball with the locals
 Right after it rains

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