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Monday, September 28, 2015

Missions are tough, like wow...but God sends us what we need...week 12

The blessed companionship

BOOM. Time is just so weird here. I feel like I was here like 2 days ago. It totally makes sense when people say "days seem like weeks, and weeks seem like days." 

So I'm going to start off by sharing a super cool experience. We hitch hiked to our little town in Prae Choo the other day. One of the recent converts here sells sugar cane juice all day. She has 3 kids and her husband left her. One of her sons was having troubles with his wife so the wife came and stayed with her. In the middle of the night her son's wife came and stole all of her coolers and sugar juice crusher--literally everything she had in order to make money. Man it was sad. We met with her again the day after. We came and sat in her hammocks and she told us that she thinks she needs to be less active now because her life was just too hard. Elder Brewer explained if we're on a ship and a storm comes, we don't jump off the ship and hope to be safe on our own. We CLING to the ship, we don't let go. We should do eveything we can in order to stay on the ship. I think that really helped her realize that she can rely on the Lord. Also, props to Elder Brewer, it was awesome seeing him testify like that. We prayed for a while actually and when the prayer was over she was crying. It was so cool to see how happy God can make people. It's amazing:)

We were riding our bikes in this forested area the other day and then all of the sudden there were a bunch of cows in the road. We stopped and then this smaller teenage cow looked at us and then booked it the other way. We got on our bikes and just kept going on. Then this cow just mauled this kid. HARD. It was insane. I literally thought this kid was like dead. We quickly ran over to the kid, and before we knew it the kid just stood up and ran away crying. He went into his house and that was it. Ha it was crazy. It's all good cause the next day we saw him running around totally fine. 

Yesterday i was riding my new bike ( i got a new one because my other one broke, its way cool) and we were on this road with some mopeds on it. We had to turn left and so i checked and i didnt see anything so i turned left and i heard this whoosh right next to me.  This stupid moped was going like 90 mph and cut me off-- my front tire hit his back tire (it made the coolest sound ever) and i managed to stay on my bike-- but one more inch, we would have hit each other going way fast. Ha. I wasnt tired at all that day cause of the adrenaline rush. Way scary though. 

I think I hit my low and high so far in my mission. I'm just going to say it Wednesday just stunk. Like when we taught, every single person was just laughing at me. Its tough when your bearing your testimony and investigators are just laughing at you. I try my best to see it from their perspective but man! Ha cut me some slack haha oh well. BUT 2 days ago we had a way good day. We ended the day with teaching a less active who lately has been going to church a ton. Its awesome. Pretty much i was in charge of the whole little lesson. I shared my scripture and I just started talking. It was awesome. I was actually doing pretty good, definitly not perfect by any means, but I think God knew I was having a rough week and he gave me one really good lesson. After that I started to see a little light at the end of the tunnel. It just made me so happy knowing that all the work im doing is actully helping and making a little difference. 

Well missions are tough. Like wow. I'm kind of taken back sometimes at how much is in front of me, but luckily I'm doing it for Him and not for myself or anyone else. I love this Gospel and I love how much hope it gives to people. 

peace out grom gruasaa (family)

p.s we found bats in our house and we might move houses cuz our house in nasty. way stoked

 After a long day in the field...

 Teaching this sweet girl...she is getting baptized in 2 weeks!

 Teaching English!

Eating with the Prae Chao members

Found this interesting thing

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