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Elder Smith
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Friday, February 26, 2016

Teaching by candlelight Week #29 1/24/16

Missionaries in my new area

My new area Siem Riep

new companion Elder Choke
What a week. Well to start it off a couple of days ago we had a way cool lesson with the family we are teaching. First off, this family has it rough. Their dad has one leg but every day he goes and works construction to get enough money for food.  I've got high hopes for them. They live day to day. He works so hard for his family to take care of his 4 kids. Its amazing. Our new branch president came and helped us teach. The car battery they use for power was out, so they brought out these candles. We had a prayer and started teaching and reading from the Book of Mormon. We were sitting outside teaching on a homemade table and chairs, with the moon and candlelight helping us see each our scriptures. Just seeing this new member (our branch president) and the father of this home read the promises of the Word of Wisdom together was the coolest thing ever. The branch president testified about how much happiness he and his family have because of the Gospel and how much God wants to bless him and his family. It was just so cool. I'm super stoked for this family. 

We found 2 new investigators this week. I'm way excited for them. Its an older couple who have some real problems. They live in this rented housing that is like 12 feet by 15 feet-just a cement box with like 10 people living there. But they are grateful for shelter.

This area is way sad.  Its hard for me sometimes.  Theres always like 30 naked little kids just playing outside, tons of sick people, and drunk dads. Super rough area and when we roll in with our white shirts it looks a little out of the ordinary. Maybe because we're like the only people wearing clothes,  but if they keep learing and keep their commitments God is going to help them so much. I want to help them not to lose hope.  All in all it was a good week.

Well on thursday we have Zone Conference. So we get to go to Battambong. Those elders are in our zone so we're going over there. I've heard its way pretty, I'm way pumped. 

Love all of you guys. thanks for the birthday wishes. 

Elder Smith

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