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Elder Smith
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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A little miracle happened--Dally was baptized! Week #21

Baptismal Font

Well this week we had one super awesome thing and one super lame thing happen. Imma start with the good stuff.

So I had my first baptism this week! It was a little miracle. Dally was supposed to get baptized like a month ago, but then her dad got upset and said no. We kept visiting her and being nice to her and then last Tuesday she said she could get baptized because her dad said yes! It was so awesome. I had the sacred privilege baptizing her.  It was the first time i have ever baptized anyone. It was such a cool experience. I can’t believe the Lord would trust me with the authority to do a saving ordinance for one of his beautiful little girls. Dally is just amazing. She’s just a light.

Our area doesn't have a font, so we and our investigators traveled an hour on a taxi to get to the next city. We got there and filled up the font and it started leaking. We had a limited amount of water so we ran out of water. Ha it was time for the baptism to start and the water went only to my knees, but all in all it worked out. It was so cool. God's church just got one of the sweetest girls on earth. She's amazing and is the only reason her mom is active at all. One of the coolest moments on my mission was hearing her bear her testimony about Jesus Christ and then seeing all the members wait in a line to hug her and congratulate her. That Sunday could not have been any better.

So my main man couldn't resist the booze this week. Ahhh he didnt drink for over a month! That was like the first time hes ever done that in his life. We came to visit him and he was just completely out of it. It was the first time where I had true "sorrow" for one of my investigators. But we visited him a couple days later and he apologized sincerely to us and to God, and helped us teach some more people. So hopefully he can stick it. I love that guy, especially his toothless smile:)

We have an investigator right now who has a little restaurant. Anyways he's been reading a ton and agreed to get baptized IF he receives an answer. So we're super stoked for him. Hes a good guy and has the potential to help lots of people. Cant wait to see how it ends up. We're also teaching these two guys who are translaters for the big sweatshop in our area. They're two smart young dudes who want to find out why Jesus is important. Its been fun teaching them. They have a lot of potential as well.

Transfers are this week. My companion is going home in like 4 days--So crazy to think hes not going to be a missionary anymore. So weird, so im leading out the area and my new comp is elder Neuberger.  im super excited, ive heard really good things about him.  He’s been in the office for six months and hes going to go hard so im excited. You know the mission is just way hard, but this mission also has some amazing missionaries. I'm super excited to serve with a lot of them.

All in all the mission life is going swell. Still struggling with the language ha,but it's coming. Gods helping. I hope all of you guys had a good thanksgiving. Cant wait to talk to you guys on Christmas.

Much love,

Elder Smith

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