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Monday, October 12, 2015

Ants in my pants... Week #14

Bamboo Forest

In front of our investigator's house

 Riding through the "wats"

I'm going to start this email with two stories and then move on to more important matters. 

Story 1: So three days ago we finished studying and left our nasty house to go teach a referral we received. We were running a little late so we were mobbing on our bikes to get the the house on time. We were on the right side of the road (which is the legal side) and turned pretty hard to the the left on the bend in the road. Well this dude was going way way way too fast on a modo. He saw us and immediately put on his brakes (because he was coming straight for me) and then his back tire lost control.  I saw the super fast moped coming straight toward me and my first impression was to jump off my bike and get away. So as we were going pretty fast i just bailed-- but i didn't get my left leg out in time and i got hit pretty hard ha. He nailed my bike and my knee and i did a front flip thing from the impact. I face planted on the ground and just layed there for a second and realized nothing really hurt. My pants ripped and my knee is cut up and bruised but other than that i'm allll good. ha it was insane.  Miracle.  He came up to us and apologized for like a minute and then he was on his way. No big deal i guess.  

Numba 2: The other day i finished working out and grabbed my towel and hopped in the shower. After i finished I dried myself off and as i was opening the door my legs started stinging. I looked down at my body and i kid you no not i was ENGULFED in ants. Like 200 of them just crawling all over my body. After I realized what just happened I screamed like the little girl i am, and turned the shower on. At this point they were biting ALL over. Yes all over. I was jumping up and down and just slapping my body. I probably looked and sounded insane, but I feel like it was ok. After 10 minutes i had like a million bites and had a new profound HATRED towards the ant family. I hate ants. Apparently I left my towel in the wrong place and a happy ant family made a home out of my towel and I just wiped them all across me.

I've learned this week that its really easy to say to have faith and endure during trials from an outside perspective, but when you can't understand anything, you feel sick, you're exhausted, cant say much, or read much, and you miss you momma a lot, it kinda eats at ya, not going to lie, but I know that it will only be for a while. I honestly believe that if i hadn't been called to a place like this i wouldn't have relied on God so much. I've really been compelled to be humble. I'm developing a relationship with my Father in Heaven that I'm cherishing more and more every day.

We got to watch conference this weekend. Man it was good. I learned a ton.  I really like what Kim B. Clark said. He told us, BELIEVE first then you receive knowledge. Being in the church we have the amazing opportunity to see and hear from amazing people who have experienced amazing things. It gets intimidating sometimes. In high school I heard every one say "I KNOW the church is true." And at that point in my life I didn't. But to me EVERYONE else did. Alma teaches only believing is a great place to start. If we believe and exercise just a little faith by simply reading and praying we will develop knowledge. If you haven't received a BIG experience don't sweat it. Just keep choosing to believe. Believe Jesus Christ is your Savior and that your Heavenly Father has an amazing plan tailored to you personally. Just believe first and then you will receive a witness and receive knowledge. Its how God works. We have to choose to just believe and then God guides us to eventually knowing. 

The last thing I want to share is what President Uchdorf said in the Priesthood session. He told us that the world rejects what it can't understand. I thought about it and its true. The Plan of Salvation is so amazing and offers so many things that the world has trouble grasping it. The fact that someone suffered so much for me and for you so we could be happy is hard to take. It humbles us and helps us realize the importance that Christ has in this life. The Gospel of Jesus Christ isn't too good to be true, its way too true to be just "good". Its PERFECT. And nothing is perfect without Jesus. I love you all. (I hope that made sense) 


(ps-we found this in our toilet)

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